Essential Online Activities for Website Promotion

Doing online activity to promote a website is essential, and directory links can be used to improve our websites search engine listing. Website Directories and Article directory provide two advantages in this respect, namely:

Website Promotion
Website Promotion

Website Directory and Article Directory Listing:
If our website just launched, it will starts receiving visits with in time period from search engine spiders along with the indexing and listing that results from these visits. We have to wait for some time for a search engine listing until your keywords got good ranking in search engine results unless you use some way of providing a short cut for search engines such as Google to discover your site. However, because website directory is visited frequently by search engines, directory links will lead them straight to your web pages.

Some website directories and article directories using the ‘nofollow’ attribute that prevents getting that page rank, we can also avoid these through paid like pay submissions.

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