5 Misconceptions about Outsourcing Web Development

outsourcing web development

Offshoring is just like an extra help for your business growth. Outsourcing is the process of switching your business from a people-focused model to a system-focused model.  By each passing day, people are finding new ways to outsource their task and make it easier for them to generate more business evermore. More than 75% of the total outsourcing market is possessed of IT business but still, there are some misconceptions about outsourcing web development. Despite all of those “offshore outsourcing” never been so popular like recent years.

Let’s have a look at some misconceptions about offshore outsourcing.

  1. Offshoring is only for big companies:

I don’t disagree with this fact that big companies do offshoring to an extensive limit. But have you ever got to know how they became big giants in their core areas? It’s just because of outsourcing their tasks to right people at right time. ‘Dell’ have always been taking outsourcing seriously. ‘Linux’ have open source platform and most of their developers from outside.

  1. Illegal Companies go for offshore outsourcing:

It is commonly heard fallacy about offshore web development companies. As we know every coin has two sides, so it isn’t the right way to judge the community it’s built upon. One standard rule wouldn’t be applicable for everyone. There are some artifice companies who don’t have any office or standard working procedure. So the best practice to keep yourself away from those is doing some research about outsourcing web development service providers like:

  • Companies business establishment and can they handle your project or not?
  • What is their work culture?
  • How many qualified developers they have?
  • What type of assignment they generally do or did?
  • Companies they have served before.
  1. Outsourcing IT Projects are out of your ownership:

Nowadays people can connect from anywhere with the help of modernistic media and communication apps. Distance doesn’t matter you are always a click away from your team. Modern project management systems (PMS) provide screenshots of whatever work is being done for your project after every 6 minutes. So, you will have a full control on your team.

  1. Time Difference can throttle project:

This is a formal idea about outsourcing which is not true if you consider all the industries. For example: if you are running an e-commerce business and for maintenance purpose, you need some time off when you can’t allow for too much traffic. In such condition managing work with an offshore team is the best option.

  1. Outsourcing drags time and regulates overpays:

It is a far-flung misconception. In an ideal project, 15-20% of the time should be spent on client communication and project management, while the remaining 80-85% should be spent on Plan of Action, Design, Coding and Quality Assurance. By following some small rules, you can definitely get your project done without having any hassle.

Many people think that offshore companies drag their project to gain profit. It is not that way in most of the case. In outsourcing industry, every company is trying to gain reputation and improve their business. A bad project or a negative review can affect a lot.

As I said, do thorough research of the outsourcing partner, make the checklist & proceed with the same. This is how you can easily find out the right outsourcing web development company for you. If you have any queries, connect with our experts here.

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