Easiest PHP Page Caching Technique To Speed Up Web Page Load Time

Which one of us don’t want to have a huge traffic on our websites? We would always be pleased with the growing visitors & ultimately our businesses. But with this, what may happen? With this extension, web pages may load slowly which could affect the engagement & thus ROI. Being a back end developer, I would like to share a simple page caching technique to speed up the page loading time. As we know, each […]

How Laravel Database Migrations always proves to be helpful for Laravel Developers?

  We all have been in that situation when had to manage all those database schema manually, and it was really time-consuming. You might have already searched for ways to avoid it, but after trying it myself, I have found the easiest way to manage the database schema manually. Here is the solution and that is “Laravel Database Migrations”. What is Migration? Migrations provide mechanisms for creating and modifying database tables to the Laravel Developers. […]

PayPal Recurring Payment Integration using Web Form and IPN

PayPal provides a fast and secure transaction for you and the buyer. Most of the web development companies consider many other options while integrating the payment gateway to the website. Now let us consider that your online shopping cart provides the subscription product for sale and you need the feature to make the payments periodically, but you don’t want the users to come back on your site and fill out the form each time. For […]

Top CakePHP application security tips that every PHP development company follows

I am sure you all know how CakePHP is one of the popular open-source web application framework used by every php development company. It was released in April 2005and was written in php while following model-view-controller architecture. It provides the features to make the application faster, easier and there isn’t much of a need to write long codes.  Many developers love it because of its improved functionality and enhanced security. Security is usually a major […]