How MEAN Stack development technology would be a great option for new startups?

In the rapid growth of the entrepreneurial world, most of the founders are getting confused due to the enormous technology options are present to transform their ideas. Considering the technology trends as explained in my previous blog, it is necessary to go in the right direction from the start & adapt them to excel out in your business. Let us know about how MEAN (Acronym for MongoDB ExpressJS AngularJS NodeJS) Stack development technology for web […]

Do you know top 7 technology trends for the year 2017?

Nowadays, faster technological advancement is reality and its implementation at each moment is rising in the industries like e-commerce, healthcare, utility, entertainment, finance. The goal behind it is simply to serve the people around the world in a better way. Let us have an overview of the emerging technology trends here: 1)    Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Advanced Machine Learning: Artificial Intelligence & Machine learning involves neural networks, natural language processing. It is said that there […]

Why developers are more inclined towards AngularJS Development?

With the dynamic changing IT world, if you haven’t tried to use AngularJS for your website development, then you are missing out one of the most flexible languages in the world! It is dynamic, open source, MVC, structural framework offering flexibility for any changes in front end development. Google has optimized the framework to enhance the performance of web application. It is making easy for implementing applications on various types of platforms right from mobile, […]

6 Exclusive tips for quality mobile apps development

Are you looking for developing an app for your business? Or you have an exceptional concept in your mind? Also, do you want your mobile apps to go viral? Really great thought it is. But, how you are going to built it? Which factors need to be considered while creating a mobile app? These are the most straightforward questions you must ask yourself before proceeding to the decision. From the scenario in the market (Refer […]

Why should you consider MEAN Stack development for your next project?

The transition from the cutting-edge investigation to practical implementation is not one that many technologies make. If we take the review, MongoDB, Experess.js, AngularJS & Node.js were introduced only a few years ago. Now they are evolving, growing together (MEAN) & performing better than LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP). Why is it so? The straightforward answer is common structure & simplicity make your tasks easier. MEAN Stack is a progressing trend for full stack JavaScript […]

Confused about selecting the platform for your mobile apps development?

If we pass through the last decade, it’s being a drastic change in our day-to-day life with the introduction & getting used to the smartphones, depending on smartphones, doing the things in an easy way with the thousands of choices in front of us. All of these were possible & increasing day-by-day with mobile apps development making simple & easy to operate. With the increase in the online market, each business has an ache for […]

Why Cloud Computing is preferred in mobile apps development?

With the growing mobile world, each industry segment whether it is entertainment, e-commerce, travel, communication, gaming, education, utility & many more wants to have an online presence in the form of mobile apps. This is because of the proven benefits to each segment in terms of performance as well as Return on Investment (ROI). With this mass scale requirement, the major challenge in front of mobile app developers is the management of huge data for […]

Increase Mobile Apps Engagement- The Prime Way for Success!

With the tremendous increase in the usage of mobile phones and the numerous options of mobile apps are available in the market, it is being the most critical job for mobile app developers to make the apps that would stand out from a cluster. In the process of mobile apps development, just having a unique idea, the best solution for targeted users, great user-experience are not the only the factors to be considered but creating […]

Mobile Apps Development-Should You Do it In-House or Outsource it?

The speed with which technology is being developed & enhanced over the years, many businesses are facing increasing pressure to be sustained in competition & improve their operations to the next level. Web & mobile apps development have emerged dynamically in functionality. The need of the time is to meet client’s expectations within the best possible time period at minimal cost. So many of you may be confused thinking of having In-house team or outsource […]

Top 5 Benefits of Outsourcing Web Development Company

As the economy is moving towards globalization, many organizations are influenced to have reduced cost, excellent customer service & also improving productivity. Is it possible achieve all these within stipulated time? The answer to this is big Yes! Outsourcing web development projects are great opportunity to explore. It has been proven to be a great success for many companies. Mainly, it minimizes your internal cost focusing only on core competencies. Also while looking at the […]