Mean Stack Components: (Part 2-Node.JS& Express.JS)

After getting to know about MongoDB in MEAN Stack Development, let us move further to Node.JS & Express.JS in this blog. We will be going through Angular.JS in the upcoming article. MEAN Stack is surely innovative & fully JavaScript powered development technology. Node.JS and express is played an important role in MEAN stack to handle server side of an application. Role of Node JS in MEAN Node’s goal is to provide an easy way to […]

Guide to understand “MEAN” – The Latest Web Development Stack

Developing a Web-driven application requires some server-side and client – side infrastructure. For many years, the go-to infrastructure referred to as the LAMP stack. Before introducing MEAN, first we take an overview about existing, current web development stack. It’s LAMP stack.  It is traditional stack, is made up of all free, open-source software elements that work well for Dynamic web sites and applications. LAMP includes the Linux operating system, PHP application software, MySQL database and […]