6 Signs that your website needs Redesigning

The first impression of your Business is based almost exclusively on your website, so redesigning your website isn’t a task to take casually. It requires a good understanding of time, thought, money and web designer’s skills. Your website is one of the primary elements of your marketing strategy, right? Here are six reasons why you should redesign your website. Your website isn’t responsive. More than 20% of all web traffic show up from mobile devices. […]

Verified Tools to Increase Your Ecommerce Website Sale By 30+%

Whether you own a small ecommerce website, or a million dollar ecommerce business, the first thing you want to do is, beat the competitors and reach your best level. What if I say that you won’t need to hire backend developer and I have a verified idea which can help you increase your sale by 30% from visitors who land on your e-commerce website but don’t purchase anything. If you still don’t believe, here are […]

Implementing UI & UX – The sooner the better.

When I had started my professional career in Web design & development in the mid of 2005, a simple objective of every client/customer was to register their web presence by developing simple websites, promoting their services & products online. The Trend of businesses was to develop social networking sites like Orkut, multi-level marketing business site or purely affiliate sites. Designing of such sites was so simple carrying similar layouts & templates and most of the […]

Know the future of eCommerce.

By middle of 2012, huge number of companies launched several smartphones, tablets & other portable devices with unimaginable addition of features to offer ultimate level of convenience to their customers. With this move, the web developers & designers got the opportunity to explore the technology & go to the next level of programming by inventing various Mobile-Apps, websites & automated systems. Time & money became the most important things & this gradually led to discovery […]