Complete check list to Google Algorithm – 21 to 40

21. Geo located searchresults 22. Rate of new inbound links to your site 23. Relevance of inbound links – subject specific relationship with target page Some of negative factors too: 24. 404s, 414s etc 25. duplicate title/meta tags 26. Participation in link schemes 27. Search Terms the First Words of the Title Tag 28. Search Terms in the Root Domain Name ( 29. Search Terms in the Page Name URL (e.g. 30. Search Terms […]

Complete check list to Google Algorithm – 1

This check list will definitely help you to improve page rank in Google search results. 1. Search terms in the HTML title tag 2. Search terms in the HTML body copy 3. Search terms in bold typeface 4. Search terms in header tags 5. Search term in anchor text in links to a page 6. Page Rank of a page (the actual Page Rank, not the toolbar Page Rank) 7. The Page Rank of the […]

How to Get Links to Our Website?

In SEO getting the links from other websites also is very important. It’s known as back links. Every optimizer knows that how much importance is there for a back link in online. The major importance of back link is it determines how much of popularity and importance with search engines. Here are a few tactics to get back links. • Press Release Submission: It’s a quite way to in crease back links and improve branding. […]

Does Duplicated Content really effect websites?

Nowadays duplicate content is a major problem faced by most websites. Search engines also face the same problem of filtering out duplicate pages by crawling, analyzing and indexing. Basically duplicate content is a copy of the same content from website pages on several different sites across the internet. Some SEO experts say that 30% to 50% of the whole internet is duplicate content and media giants CNN, BBC, Wikipedia carry nothing but 90% duplicate content. […]

Basic SEO Recommendations for Website Optimization-2

We optimizing all the factors not dependent on a page that are important for search engine visibility it’s known as off page optimization. The most important strategy for off page optimization is getting links from other websites to our web page and linking to the page within our own website to turn it into a doorway page. The number of back links will shows your website intensity level online. Some of major factors we have […]

How can we attract customers through our Web Design

How to design a website, it’s depends on your mind with cool and calmness. The website designing and development is done according to the customer requirements that they will get attracted towards it. Website Designing according to the customer requirement than that time becomes difficult because the customer requirement is never static; it changes gradually with the designing of the website. Website designing should be according to what the customer actually requires in his web […]

Basic SEO Recommendations for Website Optimization-1

A well structured and SEO optimized website is quite a difficult task to launch. However, things become worse when you are not aware of the basic strategies that can boost your search engine results. Here we are starting with on page optimization. It is one of the very first steps of search engine optimization which every optimizer should look into. Here the thing is, why it is so important? If we can do proper on-page […]

Update your Web Pages

Update your website content – I think it’s not expensive because you can do it yourself very easily ….. A web designer can build a website which is easy to maintain from the beginning by using a system with the use of PHP. 1. Edit the HTML files of your websites: In PHP, contains the header, style sheets, navigation bars, and footer for all pages but that are in separate files, then each page contains […]

Why Organic SEO website is Respectable by the Search Engine?

An Organic SEO is type of approach; it’s a largely content-based approach and will not violate the terms of service of the major search engines. The name organic defines a natural growth of the website. Organic growth makes up the true growth for the core of the website. It is a good indicator of how well management of the content has used its internal resources to expand profits. In this natural optimization the pre-requisite is […]

Why eLuminous Technologies created a blog?

It’s a place where eluminous will publish their plans and views about technological updates. Here we share Technological updates like Web designing, PHP development and online marketing (SEO, PPC, SMO) updates on daily basis.We welcome all views, suggestions and experiences. As eLuminous we believe that blogging brings a lot of interactions and interconnection and it keeps other views open to everybody from every dimension. Simply we are saying that this is online-journal where our bloggers […]