Update your Web Pages

Update your website content – I think it’s not expensive because you can do it yourself very easily ….. A web designer can build a website which is easy to maintain from the beginning by using a system with the use of PHP. 1. Edit the HTML files of your websites: In PHP, contains the header, style sheets, navigation bars, and footer for all pages but that are in separate files, then each page contains […]

Why Organic SEO website is Respectable by the Search Engine?

An Organic SEO is type of approach; it’s a largely content-based approach and will not violate the terms of service of the major search engines. The name organic defines a natural growth of the website. Organic growth makes up the true growth for the core of the website. It is a good indicator of how well management of the content has used its internal resources to expand profits. In this natural optimization the pre-requisite is […]

Why eLuminous Technologies created a blog?

It’s a place where eluminous will publish their plans and views about technological updates. Here we share Technological updates like Web designing, PHP development and online marketing (SEO, PPC, SMO) updates on daily basis.We welcome all views, suggestions and experiences. As eLuminous we believe that blogging brings a lot of interactions and interconnection and it keeps other views open to everybody from every dimension. Simply we are saying that this is online-journal where our bloggers […]