Guide to partner a blockbuster PHP Development Company.

Are you planning to partner with PHP Development Company who can manage and develop the PHP projects for you? If you start finding companies through references or relatives, you will end up regretting your decisions. References usually ask for your interventions or may be an extra time for delivery. This may not have every time, however, if the business partners know each other, things go a bit lenient. This doesn’t happen if you list down your exact expectations and figure out a PHP Development Company offering the exact or probably the features somewhere similar to your expectations. It can be an unknown company, from another country of another continent maybe. But the challenge is to get things done from them exactly the way you demand.

How can you do it? It is easier to find a company offering PHP Development Services for a single project, but it is not easy to find a partner as you think. It’s quite a research task, and you need to build trust with each other without which you won’t be able to work even a single week together. To make things easier for you, here’s a short guide to help you partner a blockbuster PHP Development Company:

  1. Define the purpose: Remind yourself of why you need to find another company to handle a part of your business. Find out why you are in need of a PHP Development Company to outsource your projects to them so that they will take care of it. Understand the risks involved in it and the profit margins that can be earned throughout this partnership.
  2. Make a note of your anticipations:  Sit at your desk, take a pen and paper, and make a note of all the things that you want to get done from your development partner. Figure out whether you need monetary benefits from the other company, a work distribution, extended quality output or all of them together. Give different priorities to each one of them and start finding companies accordingly.
  3. Hunt, Hunt, Stop! Don’t be obsessed to spend all your time in searching ideal business partners. There are millions of PHP Development Companies all over the world. You need to understand the fact that you don’t have forever to find them out, you have limited time to hunt for them. As I mentioned earlier, list down your priorities and go with the company which meets your priorities. For e.g.: Your first priority is good quality output, and your second priority is budget. So find out a country whose currency is lesser than yours, and go with the company which stands on top in that particular country. You will get great quality as well as you can save development cost and earn profits over there.
  4. Ask for portfolio and case studies: While enquiring about the services of these companies, ask them to send you their past work and a few case studies. Analyze the case studies and figure out those incidences where the companies took an innovative approach to getting the projects done. Companies who think innovatively have more scope than anything else and it will indirectly benefit you for the long term.
  5. Evaluate on the basis of interviews and value added benefits: Anybody can offer the services as mentioned on their websites, but very few companies go out of their ways and offer some value added benefits to their customers. These companies are gem and they leave a great impression on everyone who gets associated with them. Evaluate such companies and interview their developers and project managers. Now you are left with the most elite companies on the list. Send them your partnership offer and wait for the responses.
  6. Sign-up with the one who bids best partnership offer: The term “Best” in this context derives the one who proposes more valuable features with a great price. Make sure you have a margin on the price and that company meets your company’s vision and mission. If you find any factor that will let your company’s reputation down, reject them. Partner with a company who will take your company’s growth seriously, just the way you do. And last advice, read the agreement linked documents carefully before signing up.

Partnering a PHP Development Company is always profitable, but only if you choose a right company. It may harm you equally if you make a single mistake while evaluating them. eLuminous Technologies is a sole choice as a best PHP Development Company of many overseas businesses and individuals.

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What happens after you hire PHP developer?

You might have seen, maximum number of companies hire PHP developer from other companies on the project basis nowadays. What invokes these companies to hire resources from a completely different location, without seeing his face? There is indeed a good reason behind this amazing trend, without which it had never been so popular. If you have never taken a risk to hire PHP developer from another part of the world on the project basis, there is something you should know.

Discover what exactly happens with the companies or single business owners after they hire PHP developer:

  • No late night work in offices: This is the best thing about hiring developers remotely. When you handover your project responsibilities to these developers, you are freed from all the stress, late night workings and, of course, long days in office. You get a better time to divide between the things you love to do and things in the office that you have no choice, but to do. You get a lot of time when you transfer these project responsibilities to another person whom you can trust upon. You can fulfill your hobbies, can maintain your good health while earning a better profit.
  • Coding bugs won’t stress you anymore: Coding bugs are like the nightmare for the people in this industry. All those sleepless nights, coffee shots are due to annoying bugs that take forever to be found. Well, if you choose to hire PHP developer from another company, these bugs won’t cost you your sleep for sure. As I said previously, it is like transferring your responsibility to another person. This applies for coding errors as well. If they have got the bugs, it becomes their responsibility to get it fixed. You don’t have to worry about it at all.

  • Business development activities can have your better attention: When you undertake all the project development and management activities in-house, you lose your focus on business development activities. Lesser attention to it can lead to lesser growth opportunities. Therefore, it’s always better to choose a web development partner and hire resources from them to develop your project. If you don’t have a critical task to concentrate on, you can allocate more time to the business development activities which can improve your business as well as grow your portfolio.

  • No wasting of uncertain hours for digging out best resources in the pool: Isn’t it difficult to hunt for talented people to get your job done? Even if you find these people, you need to waste uncertain number of hours to follow the procedures for selecting, screening, recruiting them. It’s real tiresome and plus you need to pay these people a fixed salary each month. Rather than getting into this, hire PHP developers from a third party who can take care of all the activities and just let you choose one of them for your project. Easy and Quick.

  • The other parties take the projects more seriously to stand for what they say: If you have got a certain project, you need an experienced business analyst to analyze the scope and take out the estimations. Then you need an expert developer to understand the project and execute it. You also need a project manager to update you on the statuses and to guide the developers on each stage. So total 3 employees, that’s a lot of money. If you hire from a third party, you just need to pay for one resource and you get the tasks done of 3 resources. Plus, in order to deliver best services and earn consecutive orders, they take their projects more seriously than you (who outsource the project.) So you get a much better output at a much lesser price.

I assume you got an idea of what I am trying to explain. Life is real easy when you hire PHP developer from a PHP development company, whose core business is offering experienced resources for hire. They are quicker, affordable and deliver higher ROI than you can ever achieve. If you want to try out hiring developers, contact eLuminous Technologies who is in this field since more than 12 years.

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