Why you hire php developer and then things never workout as per the plan?

So you do all kinds of research in the world to find a budget-friendly company to hire PHP developer for you project. Expectations are always higher at an initial stage, and it’s quite normal considering the fictitious “less cost-more services” advertisements these companies gives. Talking about the advertisements, some companies avoid rubbish, clearly display what they deliver along with their promotional offers and generously follow what they promise in their ads. These are the companies you must hire your resources from. Price is not a correct way to judge someone’s ability to perform the given task. If you hire PHP developer keeping criteria of price, you will end up working with businessmen and not a zealous computer programmer.

I have got a very interesting example for you about one of my client Mr. Clinton Travis. He had an internet marketing business which was going awesome (he has superpowers of quick sales conversions). His services were so genuine that his clients wanted him to get into Web and Mobile Apps development too so that they won’t have to contact multiple companies and plus they will be sure that their expectations would be met. So he began searching for web and mobile apps development companies with whom he can partner and outsource the projects coming from his clients. After a lot of comparison and analysis, he thought he found a company to hire PHP developer from. They were very cost-effective and would let him earn a good commission too. They signed the agreements and he gave them his first project. At first, everything was going very smoothly and hassle-free and then the actual developer came into the picture. Clinton soon got to know that the company who assured a qualified and experienced developer to work on the project, actually offered a graduate fresher. The project included a system like Google where the database needed to be scanned to show the results for the entered queries. It was not a rocket science, nor was the database Google-sized. Initially, the client explained the project to the business analysis who assured everything is possible as per the concept and gave a go-ahead for the project. Then the project manager explained half of the things mentioned in the scope document to the developer (he was real busy with 10 different developers already). Of course, this led to a miscommunication between the project manager and the developer.

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Clinton was really frustrated with the irresponsible behavior everyone carried in the organization from where he hired PHP developer. And yes, they charged him additional money every time he explained actual requirement to the developer, as they thought it wasn’t clear before. His clients began to lose faith in his business too. Something had to be done quickly to save his happy clients. To avoid this havoc again, he posted his requirement on one of the freelance website (You don’t need to pay an upfront cost till the project is delivered). He found one company who not only understood his requirements precisely but assured to deliver a quality project on time or you don’t have to pay them anything. This looked convincing so he signed up an NDA with them and started with the project. Guess what, the project went on smoothly and Clinton paid more than the promised amount because he was very happy with the services. This is the difference between a quality project and a cost-effective project.

The conclusion is when you seek for a company concerning the budget from day 1, you will end up spending more than you expected and it will never workout as per your plan. But if you focus on developing a quality project and share the similar views with your development partner from where you hire PHP developer, you will notice a significant quality of output than the former.

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Why your competitors are opting to hire php developers externally? (And you should too)

This topic has already been discussed so many times, however, I just calculated that the ratio of companies to hire PHP developers has increased immensely since past 6 months. The reason for these changes in the industry are not new to anyone, it is just that the outsourcing companies is now focusing more towards the timely delivery, customer management and a good quality for persistent business opportunities. The thing with the outsourcing or hiring external developers is that there are so many companies that may let you down or won’t meet your expectations. I know it is hard to trust people from different countries with your money, but there is a way you can get the things done just the way you want without getting cheated. All you need to do is find a company who has a good experience in the industry, who cares about its customers as well as their brand value and who wants to maintain a good reputation in the industry. Even if they fail to deliver the project as per your expectations, you have a very strong tool in your hand i.e., their status in the industry. And as you know, mouth-to-mouth publicity is the best advertisement in any industry sector.

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Now coming back to the real subject, why are your competitors and many middle-sized companies hire PHP developers externally? There are various things involved, they are listed as follows:

Currency difference between countries makes this decision very economic:

For e.g. The US currency rate is much higher than that in India and this affects the prices of equipment, operations, and salaries of people etc. living in India. As the cost of living and currency denomination is less in India, they can afford to get even the high-level tasks done at a lower cost as compared to the USA or the UK. So when you outsource, you get a globally standard product at a lesser price as compared to your country. So you can hire PHP developers from these countries, enjoy the profits and use this money in marketing activities that take your business at an enhanced level.

No project management headaches for you:

I should not say that project management is a headache, but seriously, you need to spend a lot of time on checking whether your team is working on the assigned tasks. When you outsource web development to the companies, they take the complete project ownership. Everything right from the requirement analysis, project scope, development phase, project management, testing is taken care by the other party.

More projects in lesser time:

As the outsourcing companies has a good amount of staff to take care of a number of projects at the same time, you may outsource A number of projects to them. This thing becomes difficult when you carry out all the work internally as it becomes too expensive to hire multiple project managers, testing experts, developers, designers etc. just for a couple of projects.

Gives you time to concentrate on Business development activities:

When all the operational and production activities will be taken care by an external company, you will get a lot of time to concentrate on your business development and marketing. When you focus on the sales and marketing, you will automatically get more projects that you can outsource and earn the profits that you will receive because of the difference in the currency rates. Plus, it will help you to improve your brand value in the market.

You don’t need to buy all the required tools and software yourself:

When you hire PHP developers from a company, you basically need to pay an amount which also covers all the related tools and technology. For.eg, Photoshop, adobe, and all the other paid software’s are expensive.  If you buy them for the tasks that don’t even belong to your niche, it will be an extra overhead for your company. Outsourcing covers all these tools, the operational costs, developer’s experience, infrastructure cost etc. This business model is hands down easy on the pockets.

Co-ordination time cuts down to 1⁄4th:

When you manage a team internally, you need to check each and every activity in detail. A constant coordination with the developers is very necessary to keep a track of their work. When you outsource web development to a company, they offer the tracking devices through which you can check the project status whenever you get free time. All the coordination and management is taken care by the project managers. You just need to attend the weekly/ monthly call in which you will be given all the required details about the project.

Trying out this option won’t harm. If you are looking out to expand your business, try hiring the PHP developers from eLuminous Technologies.

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