5 steps you should undergo before you hire Drupal Developers.

As you are reading this post, you already might know why you want to choose specifically Drupal for your project. You probably want to hire drupal developers for two reasons: either your in-house Drupal Developers have left the job or you want to hire from a web development company who offers their developers on hire. Indeed, it is a bit complex to find out the developers who are well versed with this open source technology. Drupal development is complicated (even the developers won’t disagree) and a combination of qualification and experience is difficult to find out in the industry.

If you want to hire drupal developers for your upcoming project without being misled, following are the recommended steps for you:

1. Find a source or contact a service provider: If you are talking about just couple of projects, then look for a service provider who offer drupal developers for hire. I am not saying this because we are a service provider, but because that is the only sensible way to find out a reliable, qualified and experienced developer for your project. You can hire them on contract basis which may last for maybe a month, quarter, half a year or a year. The reason behind selecting a service provider or an agency is because they are professional, experienced, cost-effective and they have more innovative ideas to complete your project in best possible ways.

2. Post jobs on freelancing sites: This is one of the fastest ways to find out an efficient developer online. When you post that you want to hire Drupal developers, people around the world who are experienced in the field reach your mailbox with variety of pricing and different types of innovative solutions. You can evaluate the developers as per their qualification, experience and the cost that they proposed. This can be done in a day’s time and you can even get started on the next day. Initially you will need to check if things are going well, after that you may handover the projects to them directly if the experience is good.

3. Evaluate the quality by giving a small task initially: If you are a first timer, don’t make any decisions in hurry. Hire the developer only if you are sure about his capability and if you think he can handle your project proficiently. Initially you will need to assign a small task to them and check the quality and time taken to implement it. Based on that you can assign them actual work and get 100% productivity in the output.

4. Check if they have stability & ability to handle your project: Hiring Drupal developers can be easy if you follow the above steps carefully. But while interacting with the hired developer, check if he working in a stable environment and willing to work with you for a long term. No matter if you are associated with him for 1 month or 1 year, remember that your code is with him and his stability is very important for that matter.

5. Conclude with the one who follows innovative practice & not traditional: Innovation is the key to every business growth strategy. So while following innovational ideas in your organization, also make sure the drupal developers are following them. Drupal is the ever growing open source technology and thousands of modules are updated every month. The developers should be updated with this change and try to implement them in the project that he handles. Only then, you will be able to see the modern functionalities in your project. Future is not for those who chose traditional over innovation.

Now that you have the steps to follow before hiring drupal developers, it won’t be difficult to find out and hire them for your next project. Drupal is not easy, but there is an easy way to find out the developers who are good at it.

Overview: eLuminous Technologies is offering Drupal Developers on hire since many years. Constant practice and improvement boosters have helped our drupal developer to attain a good reputation in the industry. Most of the customers using our drupal development services are completely satisfied and renewing their contracts for a longer term.

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Ken Atkins- “I am glad that I chose eluminous for PHP Development Services”

“It has just been a year that I have started my own Web development company in New York. I’ve had couple of my team mates working with me while we were offering the PHP Development services. The project that we were working on was big enough to fill my pockets, but we wanted something more to take my organization to the next level. Then I came in contact with Mr.Aher & his team who were into this business since 2002 & wanted to expand their reach in the American market. They offered me a partnership for PHP Development services which included a better pricing, expected quality & a guaranteed on-time delivery. It was surely a risk for me to believe an Indian company, you know how it is. Many of us have been the victims of big words, high investment and no response, in short a total disappointment.

But this was something different, they didn’t came to me promoting their services. Either they promoted my services in their approach, about how can I take my business to the next level or how the manpower and the infrastructural necessities will be taken care of. I don’t see this kind of opportunities coming to me everyday. To be honest, I was really impressed by the way they thought about helping me grow my company using their resources. I didn’t had to invest in the PHP Developers, buy them new machines or arrange for recreational facilities, I didn’t had to pay anyone when we were not on projects. But still there wasn’t any certainty over the final output, I thought to give them a chance.

And you won’t believe what happened with me next. Team eLuminous gave me amazing ideas to finish the project in time without hampering its quality. I had hired PHP programmers for one month’s trial, and observing at the quality & their innovative lookout, I renewed the services for 6 month. I got appreciations from my customers and more business from the referrals. eLuminous has become my PHP Development services partner since then, and believe me it proved to be a real blockbuster. Their packages are very cost effective which enables me to earn huge business profits. Coding is not the only thing I do nowadays, you will find me learning to play guitar, stopover to some awesome destinations on weekends and much more. Just don’t have to worry about projects completion anymore.”

Brief: Ken is really enjoying working with us, and it our real pleasure that we have customers like him. If you want to be one of our happy customers, get in touch. Our team assures we won’t let down your expectations ever. We are honored to be one of the most preferred PHP Development Company for all our existing & new customers till the date.

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