Planning for Mobile Apps development for your Business? Ask yourself these questions before you go ahead.

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We have all reached that time when mobile apps development is not only the future, but it has already become the present. Your competitors might have already started developing the Mobile App, and that may be the reason you too want to stand with the crowd. But if you want the things to go according to your business strategies, you should surely consider thinking about this App through various aspects, for e.g., from your competitor’s viewpoint, your customer’s, your acquaintances, your employees etc. To save your time, I have collaborated a few questions which will make you think about the profits or losses, how to market the app, how will it grow your business and many more as follows:

  1. What is the goal of the Mobile App?
  2. Who will be your target audience?
  3. What is the exact concept behind the mobile apps development?
  4. What kind of services do you want to offer them?
  5. What region do you want to focus on?
  6. How are you planning to earn through an app?
  7. What platform do you want to develop the app in? (iOS/ Android)
  8. What will be your budget on the same?
  9. What value will be the app creating in the market?
  10. In what ways do we measure the app’s success?
  11. Do you know the end benefit that you’d be offering to the customers?
  12. Are you planning to make the app multilingual?
  13. What features need to be present in this application?
  14. Do you have an existing website? If yes, do you want to give a similar look to your App?
  15. Whom are you planning to hire to develop the mobile app?

I think these questions are sufficient to get you an idea about various aspects that are necessary for your business. If you are able to answer all of them, you are all set to get started with the mobile apps development. If not, you should invest some time in finding out the answers and get started only when you have the confident answers. It will help you to analyze what services do you want to deliver through this app, whether you want an android app development or iPhone app development, whom do you want to services, what region you want to serve, how do you want its look and feel to be etc. These factors are really important as they will decide whether investing in an app will be a financially valuable decision or not.

Planning for a mobile app is not enough, you should make sure you have enough resources who will fulfill the demands made by the customers. If you are not sure about all these questions, consult a mobile apps development company who will help you make productive decisions and give you various ideas that can help you stand out from the crowd. As they are into this industry since long times, they know the industry trends and what exactly the customers expects. So it will be an ideal choice to outsource your project to these companies who are experienced, have qualified developers, becomes a part of your business goal and who cares about your customers.

Overview: eLuminous Technologies is one of the most preferred mobile apps development company by clients across USA, UK, Australia, South Africa and many more. We take care of each enquiry and help clients right from requirement analysis, consulting, project management, testing and delivery.

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6 ways outsourcing to a PHP Development Company can find you a peace of mind.

Almost 90% of companies outsource their development projects to PHP Development Company to enjoy some peace of mind while getting the project done proficiently. Companies take this risk because they are not confident if their in-house team will be able to get a guaranteed quality output within the estimated time. Nowadays, the ratio of the revenues generated through outsourcing is becoming comparatively lesser as nowadays people prefer to hire an in-house developer due to his easy reach. Most of the large enterprises choose to hire a web developer in their premises so that they can count on him/her for multiple projects. This might be the case with large players, but if you check with the developing companies, the ratio of outsourcing exceeds as they can’t afford to hire an employee for a couple of projects.

There are several ways through which one can find a peace of mind by outsourcing to PHP Development Company. They are listed as follows:

Financial Impact: You can’t ignore this important factor of outsourcing anymore. You will notice a considerable amount of economic impact when you outsource your project to an experienced company. Usually, the companies who offer their resources on hire are from countries like India, Philippines, Pakistan, and Bangladesh etc. where the currency denomination is very low as compared to the American and European countries. So these companies with greater currency denomination have the advantage to hiring the resources at 60% lesser price and get the same level of quality output. Thus, outsourcing to PHP development companies has a better financial impact to developed countries.

php development company

Lesser investment of time and money individually: There is a lot of difference between hiring an employee and outsourcing the project to another company. When you hire an employee, you need to personally attend the developer’s queries, issues, give them a solution and invest huge money in R&D. But when you decide to outsource a project, it’s like transferring your stress to the other party who has promised you to deliver a quality project at the defined time. So you don’t need to invest any time, any extra money in R&D, just need to sit back and concentrate on your business development activities.

Increases productivity and competitiveness: Like I mentioned in the previous point, the outsourcing companies have a good experience to handle different types of projects and therefore they take lesser time to develop the projects. Therefore, the projects can be developed at a competitive price and in the meanwhile, your employees can invest their productive time in working on the factors that can help their sales and business revenues grow.

Pre-defined escalation and management process: When processes are pre-defined, workflow is transparent and more fruitful. You might find the escalation and management process in the PHP development company (that you are outsourcing to) better than your own company. It needs to be better, they have hundreds of projects to be developed with a similar level of efficiency.

A huge number of developers to choose from: Outsourcing is a wonderful way to connect people from different parts of the world with each other. When you decide to outsource a web development project, you have the developers from all over the world to choose from. You may find a perfect person based on his knowledge, experience, expertise, age, efficiency, cost, time zone etc. There won’t be any regional boundary to get a particular work done as per your anticipations.

Better flexibility and control: Unlike an in-house employee, you get a way better-working flexibility and control on the PHP development company that you outsource. You may adjust the timings to communicate with the team as per your calendar and get a control on their activities any time. They maintain a transparency in reports and task schedule so management of the project is pretty flexible.

Hope these above points are sufficient for you to understand why outsourcing to a PHP Development Company can find you a peace of mind. If you’re looking out for companies to outsource your project, eLuminous technologies can be a great option as they have experience in this industry since last 12 years and they know how to turn around things in a better way than anyone else in the market.

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