Search Engine Optimization Techniques: Then and Now.

For all those who agree that Search Engine Optimization is something that just needs to be done for a few months and it doesn’t help after a certain period, you are backing a wrong horse. Search engine optimization techniques changes every year, in fact every six months. You cannot apply the same strategies to get your site ranked on top every year. Google changes its search engine matrix periodically and no one has an option but to follow what Google wants us to do. People around the world are implementing different search engine optimization techniques since ages, each one has his/her own style of creating, uploading, managing and promoting contents throughout the Internet.


Now that we are talking about the changes in SEO techniques, I have just figured there are so many major changes in 2015 that you might have seen but overlooked. Here’s a list of things that were different back then and now:

1) Google Authorship doesn’t make any difference anymore: Remember the time when the search results appeared along with a nice picture of the author who posted the blog/ article? Some of them had created multiple websites with authorships for promoting links while some people were still struggling to get the authorship verified. But it doesn’t matter anymore. Google discontinued counting Google Authorship as one of the search engine optimization factor since middle of 2014.

2) If you are emphasizing on quality Content, your SEO services are blockbusters: Gone are the days where you were allowed to add any bosh content which had your priority keywords. Nowadays Google and other search engines focus on quality content and keywords ofcourse. Infact, this is one of the methods used in the White Hat SEO which is the cleanest and most effective way of getting ranked on top. Submissions, promotions, generating backlinks is all cool, but lesser than posting a quality contents which targets your keywords perfectly.

3) Measurement & Reporting has become more than important: No strategy has ever become successful without measuring its outputs. It sounds unwise when someone says they find measurements and a reporting waste of time. If you want to be successful on the search engines in 2015, measuring SEO results and maintaining the periodic report has become more than important. You will be able to forecast your growth, analyze the difference and would be able to make changes in your SEO strategies accordingly.

4) Mobile SEO is not an option, it’s a priority: We are at that level where more than half of the internet users around the world are using Smartphones. It’s quite convenient actually, isn’t it? Most of the times, even I avoid using my laptop/ desktop for browsing any website. I prefer to use my phone for browsing unless it is too critical. My intention to share this is that every user will browse your website according to his convenience and that is why it is important to have a mobile site. What if your website is not accessible through a phone? This is what we call as a missed business opportunity. Apart from having a mobile responsive website, it is important that you practice a Mobile SEO. It is no more an option, it has become a search engine priority considering the number of Mobile users.

5) SEO is no more a piece of cake: If you still think SEO is the easiest activity that can be managed by anyone, I’m afraid it’s your misconception. SEO experts have to write unique contents, position the keywords properly, promote the contents, submit the URLs, create images, videos, presentations, newsletters and much more- just to get a better ranking & increase visitors count and engagement. Can you imagine how many factors are necessary to Search engine optimization output? I’m sure you cannot, they are 200!

6) SEO isn’t a cost anymore, it’s an essential investment: How many more years are you going to stay away from the virtual world? No one in the world will know about your business if you don’t use a right tool to reach them, and that tool itself is SEO. It will help you to reach your targeted regions, generate leads for you, and indirectly increase your conversion ratios. So here’s the question –If something is increasing your business visibility across the world and improving it financially, will you call it a cost or an investment?

If you are looking for a reliable Search engine optimization partner, eLuminous Technologies is one of the preferred choices by many companies across the world. We understand SEO more than anyone and we find several ways to push the things to the best anyway.

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Dave McCarthy “I just wanted to outsource to a php development company who writes clean codes on small budget. What I got was magnificent.”

You might be wondering who am I and why am I sharing what I think. Firstly let me introduce myself. I am Dave McCarthy, owner of a small web development firm in Ontario. I usually outsource php development projects to companies or freelancers. But you know how things are in this industry, one mistake and you lose your client. I was associated with a PHP development company for 6 months when things started going below expectations. Some of the highest paying customers ended their contracts because of the untidy codes written by my development partner. I had a lot of things to do now; firstly I had to end my association with this company, secondly I had to find another PHP development company who writes clean codes on small budgets, and then I had to approach new clients & old clients to resume their services. Phew, that was quite a lot. Really it was.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, a guy from eluminous technologies in India called me up and started pitching me for their services. I didn’t hear what he said in the first call (lol). I just heard the last line saying that if you don’t get the output as per your expectations, we will compensate 25% of the project amount in your bank account. Honestly, I had no interest at that time. But after couple of days, when I was really frustrated of finding reliable companies, I found an email from the same guy in my promotion folder (again, lol). Things turned out to be quite interesting when I actually read his email. He assured to offer PHP development services with desired quality, at a price which was in my budget and if they failed to deliver it on time, they didn’t charge me a single penny for the extra days taken. I found this really convincing, so I decided to give him a call. Out of excitement, I gave him a call right away, not knowing that it was midnight in his time zone. If it was me, I would have literally filed a case against a guy who calls me up at midnight for business (:D). But this guy was so good to me, he responded to each of my queries perfectly and promised me to send across the quote in the morning. I was already impressed and almost decided to give the on-going contracts to eLuminous. So everything got started in a day after I confirmed that I will outsource php development projects to them

My expectations were not much in the beginning, I just wanted my clients to be happy. I see like thousands of PHP development companies who just promise of offering great quality and all good stuff (even I do, but I fail sometimes). In the first project itself, eLuminous showed their capability. It was such an impressive website with the exact functionality that my clients were expecting. They were so overwhelmed with the performance that they gave me 5 more website’s and plugin development projects. Apart from this, I had to develop a script for one automated attendance system in PHP, which was too delivered with a great quality. I never really thought that an Indian company could help me to reach this level. I literally have not a single complaint from them till the date, whether it be for communication, project transparency, cost, expertise or on time delivery.

If you are looking for a PHP development company and want to see a magic happening with your projects in a small budget, I’ll recommend you all to contact team eluminous. This write-up is not something I am paid for, I am really overwhelmed with their services and wanted to find out a way to share my thoughts.

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