How Can We Prepare Long Tail Keywords?

Long tail keywords don’t have high search engine volume. But they have a lot of importance in paid marketing. Most of the optimizers think about these keywords, how to prepare long tail keywords? Their have a several tips to follow, but the main thing we have to remember is what are the potential keywords those will bring targeted traffic. Simple concept for Long Tail Keyword’s: We can prepare it by the combination of multiple keywords […]

Search Engine wishes wrathful Back links

SEO comprises mainly of on-page and off-page optimization. Building back links is not a single day work; it’s a part of off page optimization process. Potential back links will improve a website’s ranking in the search engine position. When search engine consider wrathful back links: • If the links are do follow • contain the appropriate anchor text, • are deep linked to the relevant inner pages, • are linked from high PR niche websites […]

Twitter affects on your SEO?

Can you think on this sentence i.e. social sites are affects on the good SEO, most of the SEO experts say that Twitter isn’t a ranking factor. However, Twitter pages directly influence search engine position and thus may be a major factor of search engine visibility. Twitter affects:- 1. Website traffic:- When you create some post on the blogs and this post tweet on the twitter regularly but how many users follows that links. Moreover, […]

Complete check list to Google Algorithm – 64 to 90

65.URL length 66.Frequency of Updates 67.Domain Name Extension Top Level Domain – TLD 68.Link to a bad neighborhood 69.Redirect thru refresh metatags 70.Poison words 71.Keyword stuffing threshold 72.Keyword dilution 73.Dynamic Pages 74Use of Frames 75.Gateway, doorway page 76.Keyword saturation (Saturation levels do play a crucial role in the ranking of your pages) 77.Traffic buying (effect adversely) 78.Link buying (effect adversely) 79.Over optimization – There is a penalty for over-compliance with well-established, accepted web optimization practices. […]

SEO – Potential Keyword Selection Tips

Selection of keywords are the basic step to get targeted traffic through ad campaign, Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing. It’s very difficult to find Potential Keywords. But if we will follow basic steps their is no difficulty to find targeted (Potential) keywords. First we have to know the tool that will provide relevant keywords to our service or product and it will show search volume also. I am suggesting Google keyword suggestion tool […]

Complete check list to Google Algorithm – 41 to 63

41. Secondary fan connection citations earned impressions (retweets, likes of friends) 42. Other me citation (social media linking) 43. Rich snippet geo-reference 44. Rich snippet UGC rating 45. Placement of backlinks in page 46. Quantity of backlinks 47. Quantity of linking root domains 48. Quality of linking root domains 49. Link distance from higher authority sites 50. Outgoing followed links from back linked pages 51. Country specific domain 52. Domain classification of linking domains 53. […]

3Key Steps for Strategy of SEO

Every blog admin wants to get good traffic because of to make profit through blog. If we want targeted traffic SEO must be part of our strategy. There are a lot of search engines available in online. In these Google place an important role in Online Marketing. If our website is not well ranking Google, we are lost out our valuable potential customers with ROI. The Basic Fundamental Key Steps Keyword Search: Initially we need […]

Complete check list to Google Algorithm – 21 to 40

21. Geo located searchresults 22. Rate of new inbound links to your site 23. Relevance of inbound links – subject specific relationship with target page Some of negative factors too: 24. 404s, 414s etc 25. duplicate title/meta tags 26. Participation in link schemes 27. Search Terms the First Words of the Title Tag 28. Search Terms in the Root Domain Name ( 29. Search Terms in the Page Name URL (e.g. 30. Search Terms […]

Complete check list to Google Algorithm – 1

This check list will definitely help you to improve page rank in Google search results. 1. Search terms in the HTML title tag 2. Search terms in the HTML body copy 3. Search terms in bold typeface 4. Search terms in header tags 5. Search term in anchor text in links to a page 6. Page Rank of a page (the actual Page Rank, not the toolbar Page Rank) 7. The Page Rank of the […]

How to Get Links to Our Website?

In SEO getting the links from other websites also is very important. It’s known as back links. Every optimizer knows that how much importance is there for a back link in online. The major importance of back link is it determines how much of popularity and importance with search engines. Here are a few tactics to get back links. • Press Release Submission: It’s a quite way to in crease back links and improve branding. […]