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5 great rules to Hire Dedicated PHP Programmers.

  • 5 great rules to Hire Dedicated PHP Programmers.

    5 great rules to Hire Dedicated PHP Programmers.

    Whether you are planning to develop a mobile application or a web based portal, having a good developer has become highly essential. The competition to Hire Dedicated PHP Programmers is on-fire like never before. There are so many websites where the buyers & the programmers are bidding to form the business relationships nowadays, however are you sure about its reliability or are you a part of it just because others are? Every company has a different perspective while hiring a developer, some of them hire on the basis of their talent while others hire on the basis of the lowest amount bid proposed to them. I feel very bad for such companies, they are not aware about what is going to happen with their projects in next couple of month.

    How do you decide from which company to hire PHP Developer? Is there any particular method or you too go with some inordinate methods that is been chosen by half of the unfortunate decision makers? The Web development industry is full of mediocre programmers who want to be a part of every requirement that you post on bidding sites. They send you attractive pricing as they lack perfect skills that aren’t available cheap. You might get tempted to go with them by looking at their pricing, however don’t be a part of this trap. You are not likely to get a value for your project.

    Following are those 5 rules you should apply before you Hire Dedicated PHP Programmers:

    1) Keep away from Braggers:

    People who jabber the most about their quality & pricing are the ones who will disappoint you the most. Don’t get fooled by the attractive pricing or the banner advertisement that these braggers post. Go with those who have a good record in the development field and who offer experienced & real quality web developers on hire. The most effective software/ website isn’t created by a single person, it needs a team who owns expertise in different technologies and who works together.

    2) Take your time in evaluation, don’t be in a hurry:

    If you make the decisions hastily, you’ll end up choosing the programmer who is not sure about his own skills. Take proposals from the ones you think should be given a chance to. Then speak to the programmers individually, check their knowledge in the field, take a look at the price they have quoted, evaluate among them & then go ahead. Making decisions without any process will make you regret in the later stages, when your project is not going according to your expectations.

    3) Choose the 'Real' Talent from the market:

    If you have decided to hire php developer from an external company, you have a pool of choices to select your project’s developer from. So why not follow some specific procedures and choose the best talent from the market? It is not an Einstein’s job to find it, you just need to be careful while selecting. Ensure that the developer is enough experienced to advise you on various critical stages to save your time & add a value to the project.

    4) Ask appropriate questions:
    • What’s your work experience?

    • What interests you about any projects that you work for?

    • Are you a project manager or a developer?

    • Can you manage multiple skill-sets at a time or do you take help from co-workers?

    • Can you assure me about bug-free project? How?

    5) Don’t be a victim of numbers:

    It’s not necessary that every company which quotes you a lesser price will develop a bad quality project. There are many countries where people are highly talented however the employment cost is very less & vice versa. In fact there are cases where people charge high amount, you sign a contract thinking that you’ll get a good quality & they prove you wrong. So don’t be a victim of numbers that you receive.

    Apply these rules in your process while you Hire dedicated PHP Programmers and I assure you’ll get the best ones from the market.


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