Business Intelligence Is Going Beyond Executive Dashboards

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Business Intelligence Solutions has been put off around the business itself. When the executive dashboards were introduced in 1980’s, it was an entirely new way to organize & visualize ‘real-view’ of the business data. You were able to analyze the performance whether it is meeting your KPIs, on a single screen.

Now, the dashboard is evolving!

Today’s businesses have thousands of data points from numerous distinct sources. We want our data to tell us where our business is going & what is to be done with the deeper analysis. All of the business owners are investing to make most out their business that according to Gartner, worldwide Business Intelligence, and Analytics Market to Reach $18.3 Billion in 2017 itself.

So, actually where is it progressing?

The basic demand of any business owner is, he could log into dashboard & see the exact numbers of their business performance which can be led him to draw business decision for betterment. Gone are the days of business management that had trial-and-error methods. Latest brilliant dashboards do everything for you.

Advanced Filters: Undoubtedly, you have the huge business data in various formats. You should be capable of drilling down by region, time, service/product and whatever the category your business desires. From this data, you should be able to excerpt forward-thinking conclusion. All of these is possible only when you & your business intelligence consultant have a clear understanding of the business. Never go aimlessly through a chunk of information.

Keeping everyone on the same page: Miserably, you won’t be able to do it by yourself. Use a platform that lets you keep each single person that matters on the same page. Business intelligence modern dashboards provides you each facility for the right business decision support. This makes a huge differ

Mobile Support & Alert Emails: While every one of us is quite attached to a smartphone, you would always like to stay connected to your business by knowing what is happening with your business. Customized alerts via email, so that you can make right decisions at right time.

Rapid Development Environment: A BI dashboard feature-rich platform has a development toolset that enables hyper-efficient creation & maintenance of dashboard applications. Here fewer Business intelligence consultants work faster providing higher business ROI. The KPI dashboard goes directly to the bottom line.

With the rich feature set dashboard, if you could be able to find business intelligence consultants, analysts who can create & maintain the dashboard application efficiently & rapidly, then you are the winner! Get in touch with our BI experts & get the right business decision support.








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