Outlook for Digital Agencies in 2019: Trends & Challenges
Gauri Pawar

Whether your digital agency is in startup phase or you have been in business from a long time, your capability to innovate & increase ROI means achieving faster time to market.

Wrapping up all your development projects in-house is possible, but sometimes it can hold your business back. Do you know why is it so?

The answer is rapidly evolving customer’s expectations, technological advancements, business goals & diverse websites needs. Keeping the rapport with modernization is no more optional instead it’s the value of staying in business. Let’s have a look into it briefly:

Hurdles faced by CEO’s of Digital Agencies

  • Changing Customer Needs:

From the basic of Web design and W3C compliant HTML, the technical needs of the customers have changed. Now a basic web design requirement also needs SEO friendly web pages, Mobile Responsive Website, Google Analytics, etc to be integrated with every project.

CEO’s need to find out skilled resources who can meet their expectations & they should be able to yield an offering that promises a value. According to the survey, Investments made in personalizing the customer experience (a key objective for brand marketers) have paid off for 93% of US CEOs.

Although consumer expectations are driving customer experience initiatives, close to 1 in 4 CEOs believe their companies aren’t living up to customers’ expectations for a personalized experience.

  • Rapidly varying staffing needs

It causes large time & money investment in which they need to develop the setup for work, training sessions as per requirement, hiring process, etc. For example, anyone in need of Joomla developer for some work, WordPress for some other work & Angular for front-end. Hiring these 3 experts for one project is quite expensive & time-consuming.

  • Security:

Nowadays, security is playing a major role in the industry. After the launch of GDPR, not only the UK but other countries are also paying more attention towards the security of data exchanged between clients & companies, code security, agreement to be followed, etc.

  • Hands-on Experience for UI/UX

Competition is inherently increasing day by day. To stand out of the crowd or being a differentiator, the knowledge of UI/UX & being rationalized with the latest updates in it is really very important.  Quality of the product/design with on-time delivery is another major concern for them.

What these hurdles are doing to your business growth?

1. Do you have to spend a lot of time on development?

To & fro communication with client & resources, follow up with the changelogs/requests, bug fixing, etc. kills a lot of time.

2. Unable to focus on New Business Opportunities?

Every new lead gives you a pleasant surprise. You can see the new lucrative market segment to tap for, you have amazing marketing ideas to go for (For Ex. Rebranding, Creating new marketing collateral for targeting the customer segment) but unfortunately, those things remain on the paper as a plan only because you are stuck in managing current clients. And you get less time for adapting new market opportunities, latest industry trends, scaling the business, etc.

How eLuminous Technologies is Helping Digital Agencies?

eLuminous has a pool of 100+ experienced developers in different technologies with an average experience of 4-5 years with distinct domain expertise. Our team of front-end developers has a collective understanding of customer needs & perceptions of the competitive landscape. They follow the latest UI/UX trends to ensure that results are based on an accurate view of the market.

digital agecies process

Quality Assurance with:

  • 100% Hand Coded Markup
  • Unique Responsive Layout
  • Pixel Perfect Design
  • W3C standard PSD to HTML
  • Bootstrap, Retina Ready Designs
  • SEO-Friendly with Cross-Browser Compatibility
  • Quick Turnaround Time

This is by what means Digital Agencies, Startups find the support of eLuminous Technologies for faster development with the following engagement models:

Team Augmentation:

Team Augmentation model allows you to integrate top front-end developers from the pool of 100+ to your in-house team. Instead of outsourcing the entire development process – including management – your project manager remains in charge of the process, sharing the project between an in-house team and a group of top engineers.


Outsourcing allows the company to execute the entire project right from designing, developing, testing to deployment. In some cases, it may e termed as ‘Out tasking’ where specific tasks of the projects might be outsourced for ex. PSD to HTML, PSD to CMS, PSD to Email etc.

eLuminous’s Way: A Hybrid Tactic

Each digital agency’s need is different, some requirements are best met through team augmentation, others through project outsourcing & sometimes these desires overlap each other. However, the goal remains same which is delivering optimal results on time & with 16+ years’ experience in IT industry, eLuminous Technologies is on-demand front-end development partner of choice for companies from all around the world.

Let’s discuss your projects or challenges now!


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