Why should you hire full stack developers for MVP Development?
Gauri Pawar

Full-stack Development can be a pretty daunting industry for first-timers. Many of our clients are new to the startup scene, and I have found that most of them are itching to get a straight, honest answer about their key concerns. Well, I’m here to pull the rug out. And beat out the dust.

So, what’s the best way to validate a startup idea?

Answer: MVP

MVP or the Minimum Viable Product is a development technique in which a new product, website, or application is built with sufficient features to satisfy early users. In simple words, it helps you to encounter whether you should move forward to develop the full-fledged product of your idea or not.

Now, the question is who will build the MVP for your Startup idea?

If you are Techie person, then you can go ahead for MVP Development. And if you are a non-technical entrepreneur then you shall go for hiring full-stack developer.

Defining Full Stack Developer

Full Stack Developer is well-aware with most of the technologies to build an entire application. It combines both the major roles required to develop an app. As the name specifies, full stack developer caters the complete project from designing to deploying the product properly. They can work on both front-end development as well as back-end development and also hold the capability to make the entire product functional on their own.

In fact, Full stack developers are largely known as T-shaped professionals nowadays.

Why T-Shaped?

It’s because of their intellect in one or more domain & also having knowledge of other domains too. Traditional I-shaped developers are master in their own domain only. In short, adequate familiarity with both front-end & back-end technologies make them T-shaped professionals.

While developing an MVP for your startup idea, these T-shaped professionals are the perfect fit for you. Now, you may think about how?

Let’s assume that you are looking to develop a restaurant app. Designs are ready with you & want to build MVP for the same. How will you proceed?

Hire dedicated developers with different skillsets:

  1. UI/UX Designer
  2. Front end Developer
  3. Back-End Developer
  4. Quality Checker

Dealing with an individual may consume more cost & time. This results in hassle in overall project management. Then what you should do?

Hire full-stack Developer

They are the one who can work in harmony & manage the entire project life cycle efficiently right from ideation to suggest & implement better designs without any chaos.

In this way, MVP is developed inappropriate manner without wasting redundant money. This is exactly what you want as an entrepreneur, right?

Let us dig into full stack development

This full stack development mainly consists of 3 layers:

  1. The Front-end or Presentation Layer

At this layer, the user interface is designed & developed focusing client-side development. This clearly means your full-stack developer should have basic technical skills in HTML, CSS, Bootstrap & latest JavaScript frameworks i.e Angular, React, Vue, etc.

  1. Business Logic Layer

This is a back-end or server-side layer of the application. For this, you need to use backend languages to develop the logic for a web app. Again, full stack developer needs to know two or more backend frameworks viz. Node.JS, Python, Ruby & Ruby o Rails and Java with spring MVC.

  1. The Database Layer

The database is a chunk of back-end & full-stack developer must be contented with both relational & non-relational databases. Relational databases use tables to store data whereas non-relational databases use JSON format.

Moving to the database languages full stack developer should know are MySQL & PostgreSQL (Relational Databases) & Mogo DB (Non-relational Database).

Skills to identify while hiring Full-Stack Developer

Data Structures & Algorithms

As we know, algorithms play a crucial role in the development process which is why your hired full stack developer must know all steps of using algorithms and should also be well-versed with stacks, heaps, and procedure that goes across the process.

Google has laid down numerous questions on algorithms & data structures. Thus, a developer needs to get a good grip on data structures with other tools like branches & hash tables.


HTTP creates protocols to establish a communication channel between the client & server. Let’s say your product is a web app, then your hired full-stack developer must have the acquaintance of working process of HTTP & REST to ensure seamless configuration.


Git is the version control system which allows developers & other project stakeholders to see amendments done in the code by an individual developer. This complies, at any given moment, you can revise changes in codes and when something goes wrong, you can almost instantly rescind the preceding working code to avoid wasting a good amount of time identifying and fixing an error.

Deployment Options

Now here comes the deployment of project & there is tons of PaaS (Platform as a Service) option available in the market. They include AWS, Digital Ocean, Heroku & many more.  With Heroku, you can upload the code and deploy it with minimum configuration and AWS offers plenty of options for storing and processing.

Advantages of Hiring Full-Stack Developer for MVP Development

  1. Cost Efficiency

Above discussion, itself states this obvious fact it is cost-efficient. It would be costly to hire a specialized individual than one or additional full-stack developers. For MVP Development, it’s always better to have a jack of all trades than a master of one.

  1. Fast & Timely Delivery

Full-stack developers constantly work as a team, which makes the development process much easier. They split work responsibility among themselves & their coordination, work beliefs make timely & faster delivery of projects.

  1. Easy Switching

Any experienced full-stack developer can switch between front-end to back-end and vice versa. As the developer already has knowledge about MVP, it easy to pass the ownership of the project on his shoulder. He can take the entire accountability of the MVP development from start to the end or he can also get involved in the project midway.

  1. Easy Upgradation

Full-stack developers are more adaptive to the latest technologies as compared to specialized developers. In case, your MVP demands an instant upgrade to latest technology full-stack developer can easily learn & implement it.

To Conclude

Do you have a startup idea & you are prepared to move ahead? Hire full-stack developer

They can handle the client-side as well as the server-side development and it’s easy to give them the responsibility or ownership of the project. They are reasonable as well.

If you are searching for a proficient full-stack developer to develop your MVP, you are at the right place. Contact us Now!

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