If your business or company doesn’t have a mobile app yet, then you could be missing the great opportunity of generating new revenue in the fast-growing mobile world. Millions of people have smartphones and they are using apps for online shopping at least once in a month. So where is your place in this online market? For that, you need to hire well experienced mobile app developers.

Here are the 8 things to keep in mind that will help you to reach to the right person to develop your app:

  1. Applicant should have a list of apps created by own or played a significant role in development with links to each app stores like Google’s android, Apple iOs, Google play and an overall estimate of cost does he or she takes for developing an app.
  2. Contact directly to the present or previous clients of the developer to see how reliable the resource would be. There is a possibility that candidate may give reference to people who will give a favorable opinion, so check the LinkedIn profile and reach to the mutual contacts would be a better option to get a clear idea.
  3. While hiring mobile app developers, the applicant should have knowledge of built-in features that will allow you to make money like pay-per-download. Or if he or she is suggesting a free app, then he should be able to integrate in-app purchases, display ad or other paid services.
  4. Communication during app development process plays a vital role to get to know about the designing and functionality requirement from consumer’s as well as apps developer’s point of view. So you should ask them to report or by emailing or whatever the communication channels with both are comfortable with.
  5. In order to grab the attention of the targeted people, you need to have an innovative app with special features and most important user-friendliness. So figure out all the requirements and find out mobile apps developer’s capability.
  6. Candidate should be able to explain what kind of glitches or bugs may occur while testing the mobile app and how much time he or she may take to fix that.
  7. Mobile app ownership is usually to the individual or company. Make sure that you and app developer sign ‘copyright agreement’. So there will be no further issue of copying your app’s design, content, source code, etc.
  8. In the process of hiring mobile app developers, you need to ask them about submitting app will be done by him or her. If not then costing should be checked again further.

I assure you that if you follow all these steps there will not be any problem in hiring a right mobile app developer for your business or company.

POSTED IN: May 24, 2016 Gauri Pawar