With the dynamic changing IT world, if you haven’t tried to use AngularJS for your website development, then you are missing out one of the most flexible languages in the world! It is dynamic, open source, MVC, structural framework offering flexibility for any changes in front end development. Google has optimized the framework to enhance the performance of web application. It is making easy for implementing applications on various types of platforms right from mobile, tablets to desktop with faster speed. Let us go through its advantages in a detailed way:

  1. Two-Way Data Binding System:

In web application development, data & templates go hand in hand. But in AngularJS development, it uses directives. These directives components make use of reusable JavaScript & CSS by applying logic to them. It makes the development process easier & saves time for doing repetitive work.

  1. Comprehensive MVC Structure:

It provides a great solution for faster front-end development as it does not require additional plugins/frameworks. Unlike other frameworks, by asking you to split your app into MVC components first & then string those together by writing a code which takes a lot of time & efforts, it just asks you to split your app into MVC components & rest is done by itself.

  1. A declarative user interface:

As AngularJS uses HTML for a user interface which is declarative language, less fragile for recognition than JavaScript interface. HTML is used for directing the app execution in which special attributes find out which controller to be used for the respective element. You just need to define what you want, rather than how a program flows & what should be loaded first. This declarative point of view simplifies the app development.

  1. Less code writing requirement:

Everything is done to write the less code as you don’t need to write your MVC pipeline. The defined HTML view is present & data models are easier to write without setters. Data manipulation is possible by using filters on the view level without any change in the controllers. By using directives which are separate from app code & can be written by other people considering there would be no issue in integration.

  1. Unit Testing Ready:

I think, this is a really great advantage of AngularJS which beats the traditional way of testing. As AngularJS is linked by DI (Dependency Injection) which it uses to pass the information, perform unit testing by injecting mock data into controller & measure results. Angular already has a mock HTTP provider to inject fake server responses into controllers.

So, whether you want to make multi-functioned e-commerce/dynamic web application or any complex mobile app, there is no doubt, the solution for you is AngularJS. You can hire front end developers from eLuminous who will help you to visualize your ideas:


POSTED IN: December 6, 2016 Gauri Pawar