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Benefits of Working with Offshore Software Development Company in India

The Benefits of Working with an Offshore Software Development Company in India
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Do you know that by 2024, there will be 28.7 million developers worldwide? The web development industry has seen many inexperienced developers enter due to the growing need for digital transformation.

In such a scenario, it is becoming difficult for businesses to find the right talent for their dream project. If your in-house developer lacks the necessary experience, only an offshore software development company may offer the greatest fit.

Offshoring is a type of outsourcing (Outsourcing vs Offshoring). It’s about locating the skills you can’t find in your own area. Companies often offshore some or all their work to an offshore software development company since it is difficult for them to increase their staff rapidly to satisfy growing demand.

The benefit of lower labor expenses is the main justification for businesses choosing to offshore their software operations overseas. It can also save you time and money while maintaining the project’s quality.

Best Practices for offshore development

The global market for IT outsourcing is anticipated to reach $1065.1 billion by 2030(Source: precedenceresearch). This is because, today, more companies try to maintain their competitiveness in the rapidly changing digital environment.

A proficient offshore software development company can manage the selection and evaluation of the team that will work on your project on your behalf.

There are many excellent engineers, programmers, and developers worldwide. However, we advise explicitly using software professionals from India. Why? Working with Indian programmers provides extra benefits. In fact, no other nation can match what India has to offer!

Since brilliant Indian workers assisted American businesses in the late 1990s with the Y2K bug problem, India has been hailed as a top outsourcing destination for international technology corporations. However, several additional factors could support India as an unrivaled competitor in the offshoring industry.

If you are interested in learning more about offshore software development benefits and the advantages of working with an Indian offshore software development company must read this write-up.

What is Offshore Software Development?

Offshore software development

The practice of hiring a third-party service provider in another nation to develop software/apps or offer IT services is known as offshore software development.

Offshoring is an approach to achieving robust digital solutions. This procedure involves creating and maintaining the source code, testing and correcting bugs, creating documentation, and other duties related to building a software product or service from several locations outside a company’s headquarters.

If you work with an ideal offshore software development company in the right locations, their communication skills will impress you. For example, English is largely regarded as the business language for white-collar occupations in India and is a must, especially in the tech sector.

Mobile app and platform development, software testing, data analytics, business technology consultancy, and dedicated staff are a few IT services that can be outsourced to India.

Read about how to set up a dedicated offshore development center in India.

Businesses can decide whether they want assistance with end-to-end development services or certain procedures like web development, UI/UX design, and quality assurance.

But before that, let’s understand how offshore software development works for you.

What is the Process of Offshore Software Development?

How does offshore software development work?

The client company determines the project criteria and specifications when outsourcing work offshore. They then create a comprehensive plan for carrying out the project.

The businesses employ developers directly when forming an offshore development team or through an offshore software development company. These companies handle the entire process, from hiring employees to maintaining client relationships.

These screened developers collaborate directly and flexibly with the company’s project managers to support their evolving needs. Tasks are either assigned on an as-needed basis or in accordance with the specifications of the current project. Additionally, the client company opens a payment account with the offshore developer. Progress reports are also obtained with this.

Following these five steps will help you successfully outsource your software development requirements and leverage the benefits of offshore software development:

5 step process to hire offshore developers

Top 10 Benefits of Offshore Software Development Company | Why to Choose an Indian Company

There are many advantages to working with an Indian offshore software development company. We’ll talk about a few important ones.

1. India is the Market Leader in Software Development

India dominates the software development market

A significant boost for the Indian software development sector is the rise in the number of graduates and the government’s active backing. It results in India soon surpassing all other nations in software development.

By 2024, India will surpass the USA (India will have a staggering 5.2 million developers, compared to the US’s 4.4 million, by this year) as the country with the most app developers worldwide, according to recent predictions, and additional growth is anticipated across other IT development sectors.

2. Cost-Effective Digital Transformation

Cost effective

One of the USPs of offshoring dedicated software developers from India is the low cost. Having an internal staff or hiring a team from a Western nation to provide technical help could be pricey. However, outsourcing software development to India lowers overall costs without sacrificing quality.

If you need engineers with top-notch skills, hiring them in developed nations like the US and the UK might be expensive. Moreover, an internal team is quite costly because the development cost includes office space, facilities, equipment, employee perks, etc.

Indian offshoring companies provide cost stability by reducing employee expenses, including hiring, management, and other benefits. According to sources working with an Indian IT outsourcing company can help a corporation cut costs by up to 50%.

The main reason for cost-effective development in India is the low cost of living. The average yearly payment of a software engineer in India is about five lakhs ($6,000), as opposed to the minimum annual wage of $90,000 plus a bonus that American workers often demand.

3. Effective Team Management

Good management of development team

You do not need to manage the team and attend to its needs when you recruit individuals from abroad. The management of the development teams is handled by offshore software development companies in India, who also ensure that they have everything they need to accomplish a fantastic job for you.

The Indian companies ensure developers have all the necessary tools. They handle all the administrative tasks like bookkeeping, taxes, payroll administration, sick leave, vacation pay, insurance, and even company events.

Additionally, Indian offshoring companies take care of all local laws, assuring that all developers adhere to them and are paid appropriately. Because Indian offshore development companies provide developers with everything they need for a pleasant and productive performance, in this way businesses can avoid all administration-related problems. So, you can experience offshore software development benefits seamlessly.

4. Easly Scale Your Business

Grow your business

You might need to scale your operations as your business expands. You may swiftly and effectively expand team capacity by outsourcing software development.


Moving some of your activities overseas to meet up with demand may make sense if your company is expanding quickly. This is made possible by outsourcing your software development if you require more personnel or resources.

By hiring an Indian offshore development team rather than hiring local workers, who would require a salary, benefits, and other fees that could drastically raise overhead prices, you’ll be able to control costs better.

5. India Has Pool of Talented Developers

Access to vast pool of talent

Developers with the necessary skills are always in demand, but sometimes it can be challenging to locate them in your area. In that case, you can engage Indian offshore developers and get access to world-class development services.

India is the world’s leading provider of IT outsourcing, and every year, a great number of college students graduate with engineering degrees. On average, over 15 lakhs (1.5 million) Indian students receive engineering degrees each year.

The Indian development teams are highly skilled and have in-depth knowledge from prior collaborative projects with numerous organizations.

By understanding the distinct business requirements, they can use the most flexible technologies to create the most focused outcomes for specific projects. Additionally, Indian offshore development services providers are known for their exceptional customer service and willingness to go above and beyond for their clients, highlighting the evident benefits of offshore software development.

6. Access to Newest and Trendiest technologies

Access to latest technology trends

Due to their high price, the newest technologies and services are difficult for startups and small businesses to afford. So, your best bet would be to work with an offshore development team.

The ability of Indian developers to quickly adopt new technologies as they hit the market is one of the best qualities that makes them pioneers. Therefore, Indian offshore teams have done well on all fronts covering the most recent technology, whether AI, AR and VR, IoT, Blockchain, or Cloud.

Besides this, the offshore software development services provider in India invests more in the newest technology and cutting-edge software talents to increase business efficiency. Hire outsourcing firms in India to gain access to high-quality services, protocols, organized business plans, documentation, and system updates as needed. So, build an offshore team in India today!

7. Great IT Infrastructure

Robust IT infrastructure

The widespread availability of ISP, cellular networks, and the most recent technology in India’s major towns and cities is a significant factor contributing to its high IT outsourcing friendliness.

There is never an obstruction in the communication channels pipeline in India due to the high-speed bandwidth provided by satellite connectivity, underwater cables, and fiber optic networks. This great Indian IT infrastructure allows businesses to rely on Indian offshore teams to complete the work and update them via frequent communication channels.

8. Smooth Government Policies

Easy government policies

The IT sector is one of India’s high-priority businesses, and the government of India generously supports it. It consistently enhances its regulations to promote the sector’s expansion and encourage the easy hiring of Indian programmers.

The government provides tax and other benefits to encourage the expansion of the IT sector. Electronic contracts are recognized under the Indian Information Technology Act, and cybercrime is controlled by legislation, so efficient services can be offered to clients worldwide.

The Indian government is taking significant steps to encourage new investment in the sector, ensuring its sustained expansion and safeguarding the future of the Indian software industry. India’s IT industry is expanding at a rate that is almost twice as fast as the country’s overall economic growth.

9. No Communication Gap

The power of communication

The second-largest English-speaking nation in the world is India, so keep that in mind if you want to outsource the developers for mobile apps, web applications, or any other software project to India; you need not worry whether you will be able to communicate properly with the development team.

English is often the first language for many people, especially those from the southern parts of the country, despite some people’s contention that it is the second-most spoken language in India. In addition, Indian offshore development companies prioritize stakeholder communication, which allows for a better exchange of ideas between the outsourcers and the Indian development teams to ensure efficient workflow.

10. Faster Conceptualization & Delivery

Reduce time-to-market

It is evident that skill level and rate of development are related. Expert developers typically solve issues faster and come up with more straightforward solutions.

By working with an offshore software development company in India, you can reduce the amount of time required to launch your products and services. These organizations have a team of talented developers that can rapidly transform your ideas into reality.

Custom web application development companies in India provide particular expertise across various technologies, platforms, and programming languages. This enables a more organized and effective development process, leading to quicker delivery timelines and improved project outcomes.

Hire offshore developers India in 24 Hours!

Hire offshore software developers in India in 24 Hours!

Offshore software development has grown to be a well-liked and sensible choice for companies looking to create high-quality software at a lower price. It enables businesses to use the skills and assets of offshore development teams, frequently based in nations with cheaper labour costs (India), to produce unique solutions for their clients.

Hiring an Indian offshore software development company enables you to expand your business, boost productivity, gain access to talented developers, and save costs. It also aids in removing the obstacles and difficulties associated with leading and managing internal teams.

eLuminous Technologies is a leading outsourcing or offshore software development company in India. Based on the unique requirements and working styles of your business, the knowledgeable and versatile offshore teams of eLuminous are made up of the greatest talent in India. Developers can be hired with ease using a flexible recruiting model on a monthly, hourly, or fixed project basis. As a result, you can notice the benefits of offshore software development without hassle.

Want to establish your offshore development team with the proficient and experienced developers in India, get in contact with us right away.

Frequently Asked Question

  • What is the difference between Outsourcing & Offshoring?

Offshoring is the practice of doing work in a different country, typically to take advantage of cost savings, as opposed to outsourcing, which is the practice of contracting out work to a third party. For a detailed comparison, read the write up- outsourcing vs offshoring.

  • What are the drawbacks of offshoring?

Offshoring is a proven approach to creating world-class digital solutions in less time and money, but there are a few minor drawbacks of it that you should be aware of.

Offshoring Challenges – Quality control problems, Cultural and linguistic obstacles, Concerns compliance and payroll.

You can avoid these challenges by hiring developers from an experienced offshore software development company in India.

  • How do offshoring companies in India ensure the security of my data?

Every security safeguard is put in place by Indian businesses during every stage of the product development cycle. Additionally, they sign NDAs with clients to foster confidence in their services.

  • What are some popular offshore software development trends?

Low code development, AI, Progressive web apps, edge computing, serverless computing, and team augmentation are well-known trends in offshore software development. Connect with a reliable offshore software development company to receive the best possible advice on implementing such technologies.

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