If you are not thinking of investing in Mobile Apps Development at this phase of the technical revolution, you are probably not getting on a real track. Most of the people are under an assumption that they are from a completely different industry sector and there is no way that a Mobile App can help them grow the business. However, giving a chance to prove their assumptions wrong won’t hurt. It is not necessary that you should invest immediately and start looking for mobile App developers for hire, but understand how not investing in App development can affect your business.

Ignoring Mobile apps market won’t help you anymore, it is the perfect time to capture your prospects through your own App. If you still want to ignore, you might have to face the following consequences:

1) You will miss out reaching the millions of active app users: There are 224 million monthly active app users in just the US. If you count the users from different parts of the world, you will end up regretting not thinking about getting into the Mobile Apps Market at the right time. A number of time people spend using Mobile apps has increased a lot this year, if you miss out connecting with this user base now, it will be too late.

2) You won’t be able to engage customers in your business through the device they love: Time spent within mobile apps now exceeds the desktop web access. This clearly shows how people love using their smartphones. If you consider mobile app development now, you can implement different strategies to keep your customers engaged in your business activities through different ways that comfort them.

3) Your competitors are attracting more customers after switching to Mobile Apps: Most of the businesses immediately follow various trends once they start progressing in the market. They can be your competitors too. Imagine your competitor launches his Mobile App, and many of your existing clients switch to your competitor’s business because he is creating more value through his mobile app. You can be at a loss, so it’s better to walk on the similar path as your competitors.

4) The web gives 25% lesser ROI as compared to Mobile Apps: More than 2 billion mobile users will make a mobile commerce transaction by the end of 2017 (Source: Juniper Research). You can guess the immensity of the Mobile Apps market. If you want to be a part of this huge market across the globe, you should think of investing in the Mobile Apps development. With the user base of this count, you can surely have an incredibly higher ROI as compared to the websites.

5) Without a Mobile App, your promotions won’t reach even 40% of your target audience: Industry experts convey that 40% of your web promotions don’t reach your target  audience, because it is probably not the best way to fascinate them to buy your services. If you promote your products/ services or events through a Mobile app, you are adding a value and more doors of direct promotions are opened in front of you.

6) You will miss a direct interaction with your prospects: One can send push notifications of discount coupons, various facts and figures, and attractive packages through an application. Finding companies offering mobile app developers for hire would be your best decision if you want to communicate with your customers directly through their smartphone’s homepage.

7) You can’t study a detailed customer behavior & preference without having your own Mobile App: A Mobile app gives you the liberty to study how us your customer behaving and what are his likes and dislikes. This is a very important factor as it will give you an idea how to market your product and how to make them buy your product/ services.

If you want to find out how you can grow your business by investing in Mobile Apps Development, you can get in touch with eLuminous Technologies. Most of the customers are impressed by the level of Mobile apps that we delivered in recent past.

POSTED IN: September 9, 2015 Shweta Joshi