If you are a person working for a PHP Development company, there has been a question wandering places around the industry – what is the best way to do IT project analysis? There are several books you can find on Amazon on this topic, and all having same index and content with very little difference, the theory sounds good but practical is quite hard. Still, no one can tell you the best way because that comes with practice.

People usually surprise and ask is Analysis that hard? Being a developer, I usually say ‘it’s interesting but complex’.  What I believe the methodology can learn by books but when you implement it in a real life, there are several parameters which influence the project analysis like; company, business, technology, existing system, new trend. Usually, I don’t assume anything while doing analysis (Its quite difficult job for tech person like me), I didn’t think solution at very early stage, instead of that I try to understand requirement probably need and I have a very simple formula and questions which I asked myself .1)What, 2)Why and 3)How.

Now, further few Para will explain how it really help and justify why it’s interesting than complex. Few notes before we jump into next para:


  • Don’t assume anything?
  • Think like a normal person wash out all tech things before you jump in?
  • Don’t jump to the conclusion at any stage?
  • Read twice, think, prepare your question, and write down your assumption. Again don’t go for solution until you get confirm with above
  • *If you are a music lover, get play your favorite playlist and plug headset.


What is system all about? Define the business or need it serves for?


Why there is need of a system to build? Define what benefits to business or users are?


How we probably I can build system? Here you need plan something like modules and other stuff. Still, I’m not talking about technology and platform. It’s how you can manage the work. Not which platform you will use.

Methodologies: Functional Point Analysis.

There are several methodologies to estimate and grab the requirement but based on experience I can say Function point analysis is the best tool for it. The main benefits are that you can break the project into small and measurable modules and task. The other benefit if you are looking at SOA project then it also help you to understand the web services at very initial level of the project. Third, if the project is maintained then you get a better idea what task need to be done.

Last but not least, you can estimate and look each task in loosely coupled architecture.

In the nutshell, in eLuminous, we take requirement gathering and analysis very seriously and that is one reason why we have delivered projects precisely as per client’s requirement till the date that had a vision for.

POSTED IN: September 30, 2016 Robert S