Nowadays, shopping, net banking, hiring a cab, finding location or route where you want to go, and many more activities are mostly online. These activities are being possible promptly only because of the smartphones in our hands. Mobile has been an integral part of our lives. As we all know, mobile technology has been boosting greatly sticking around the latest mobile apps development trends become necessary.

Cloud Technology:

As mobile usage is increasing inherently, it inspires mobile app developers to integrate and synchronize apps. The cloud street will help developers to use efficiently with similar features. Also, many companies provide cloud-based mobile applications. Thus, the tools for building an app, testing and submitting into respective categories in app stores will put forward faster mobile apps development.


Security will remain one of the toughest challenges in the development of mobile apps. If we do a survey of available mobile apps in the market, approximately 70% apps fail the basic security tests. So in concern with this, it is important for developers to take care of data leakage or confidential information to avoid hacking attempts.

Tracking User Experience:

It will be one of the most important things that asked for in the mobile application development. In recent days, every business owner wants to have an insight into customer’s behavior, analyzing data for having continuous improvement in decision making as well as ROI. It will result in better user experience day by day.

Marketing within Apps:

Marketing, advertising within apps will no longer be limited to banners only. There will be an inclusion of image, text or video ads to enhance user engagement. It has inaugurated in some mobile apps. With the help of location-based services, marketers are getting a new view to target them concerning the context of the user.

Internet of Things:

At this moment, IoT is getting tremendous popularity. It will be having innovations, new standards, new devices integration which will require acclimation of related products. So just like smart devices, IoT will be there soon. And for that developers need to maintain user-friendly mobile experience to grasp the new opportunities by sensors.

Henceforth, mobile apps developers need to have an insight into all these trends for continuous improvement in their products by keeping themselves up-to-date.

POSTED IN: May 10, 2016 Gauri Pawar