The speed with which technology is being developed & enhanced over the years, many businesses are facing increasing pressure to be sustained in competition & improve their operations to the next level. Web & mobile apps development have emerged dynamically in functionality. The need of the time is to meet client’s expectations within the best possible time period at minimal cost. So many of you may be confused thinking of having In-house team or outsource it?

Let us make it simple for you to take the decision.

Challenges of In-house Mobile Apps Development:

  • Initial cost is very high. Setup of infrastructure, hiring developers, maintenance takes a lot of efforts in developing the whole system rather than working on the project.
  • Many times it is not required to have all kinds of mobile app developers in hand. Suppose if you have the requirements of Android application development, then it would be just waste of money if you have hired iOS, windows developers as well, because you have to pay the salary to all. Also, skills required are different for distinct development sector.
  • There is a requirement of licenses, certificates for buying app codes. Moreover, software tools need investment for initial set up.
  • There are high chances of inclusion of additional costs if your developer gets stuck in mid-way & you have to hire external expertise to manage it. Mobile Apps Developers must be trained & should be able to grasp the new trends, follow them inherently.

How these challenges can be overcome by Outsourcing Mobile Apps Development:

I think, it is a wise decision to opt for this. It gives you the numerous options for finding the best mobile app developers according to your or client’s requirements within your budget. Let’s figure out the positive points:

  •  Established companies with a team of skilled, top-notch developers.
  •  Fixed cost projects.
  •  Transparency can be maintained with the help PMS (Project Management System) & you will get the update of the project after every hour or specific intervals. So all you need to do is, just share your requirement very clearly at the first step & get rid of all the worries of development.
  •  Experienced developers have already built some standard plugins, which are required for many apps. This in return reduces the time for development & cost as well.
  •  Pre-decided plan & work will definitely give a better result on-time (Quality is maintained).

So, get ready with your next mobile apps development concept & outsource it!

POSTED IN: August 31, 2016 Gauri Pawar