With the tremendous increase in the usage of mobile phones and the numerous options of mobile apps are available in the market, it is being the most critical job for mobile app developers to make the apps that would stand out from a cluster. In the process of mobile apps development, just having a unique idea, the best solution for targeted users, great user-experience are not the only the factors to be considered but creating user’s interest & in-app engagement should also be focused.

I think, Engagement within an app plays vital role & the only way to make successful mobile apps. Users may download any app from its overall appearance & their need but if it fails in maintaining great engagement, it would be uninstalled in next few seconds. Let’s have a look into few simple tips to interact with consumers for enhancing the performance:

Value for Users:

While developing mobile apps, your genuine goal should be ‘creating value’ for the customers. This can be analyzed by understanding the customers, what they are looking for or you can address the pains of that customer segment & provide a solution in the way actually they want. It is the most effective way to make your mobile app with creative insight from the scratch.

Onboarding Experience:

Offering great onboarding experience will ensure the significant in-app engagement. For using an app, if there are too many steps for sign up, information fields, complex features, etc. then there is the very high probability of increasing abandonment rate. So you must define & discover all these things in a precise manner.

Push Notifications:

Push notifications is another exclusive way to improve user retention inherently. Push messages help to remind users about your app. You can send messages based on behavior or their interest data. As you address the people solely, they feel push notification offer is just for them such as offer or information or any useful data to maintain & increase app engagement.

Encourage Users with Extra-Benefits:

You can give incentive to the users in the form of coupons, special offers, specialized content access, rewards for encouraging engagement. It is 100% dependent on nature of your app.

Excellent Support & Services:

As you are making a customer-centric solution, and you would not be able to help or satisfy the customers, then your app will be of no use. And this may cause loss of potential consumers. So must ensure that you respond to their problem, resolve it.

Thus, Engagement is the opportunity to make long-life successful app & drive customer loyalty for business.

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POSTED IN: October 10, 2016 Gauri Pawar