It is evident that India has become a powerhouse in terms of the number of professionals offering software development services. This is a big business on high demand, but it also happens to be a reasonably expensive service.

The biggest challenge in software development is that you cannot simply stop a project without consequences. You can’t just pull the plug and start over if you are not satisfied with the results. It is possible, but it would cost your business significant time and money.

Relevant statistics regarding software development in India:

  • India scores as the highest rated software development service in terms of financial attractiveness
  • It also scores as the second highest in people skill and availability, second only to China by a small margin
  • India is the second largest English speaking country in the world
  • It is also the largest provider of IT outsourcing services worldwide
  • India has the highest number of people who have obtained engineering degrees on a global scale
  • Software engineering is now the most in demand job in India
  • It is evident that outsourcing to India for software development is a great option. With that said, some important benefits make this decision even more appealing.

The main benefits of outsourcing software development to India

When a company decides to develop a software application or solution for their business or target audience, they need to consider many aspects of this process. This is very important, as it will define the length of the project, the expenses, and the final product quality.

The following are very relevant benefits that you will find extremely important in order to make an informed decision. Keep in mind that there are more benefits, but we wanted to mention the most appealing reasons.

Reason 1 – Cost efficiency

One of the most attractive aspect of this decision is that highly skilled developers can cost around $15 to $40 USD an hour on average. This is a very low number compared to the costs of a US developer that ranges between $150 and $400 an hour.

The main thing to consider in this case is that even when you hire dedicated developers in India are much more affordable, the quality is just as good. Many factors such as the cost of living play a major role in this price gap. Nevertheless, a developer from India is just as skilled and prepared for the job as a western developer.

Note: In order to avoid low quality work, you need to hire a reliable and reputable software development team. This means it is a good idea to do some research on their abilities and their accomplishments.

Reason 2 – No barriers in communication

This is the first concern that people have when hiring people from counties with foreign languages. It is essential to keep in mind that there are no barriers in communication when outsourcing to India.

Over 125 million people speak fluent English in India. What this signifies is that you can expect to have a seamless experience in every way. This is essential when you communicate your needs and concerns to an outsourced development team.

Note: Developers in India are not only fluent English speakers, they are also aware of the trending lingo and the many cultural differences between western and eastern companies. This means you are not only working with people who speak English, but they also speak your particular business language.

Reason 3 – Teams that offer 24/7 solutions

Another great aspect of outsourcing to India is that you will find their work schedules to be of a 24/7 nature. This is possible due to how these teams will hire people who work on different shifts. This happens without ever compromising quality and they achieve that by working longer shifts and organizing their efforts in various teams.

There is also the advantage of being ahead in terms of the timezone. This means that western companies can expect development teams from India to be at least half a day ahead in terms of calendar schedules.

Note: US development teams are rarely going to work around the clock. Their schedules are well defined and the costs of 24/7 development process is significantly higher.

Reason 4 – faster turnaround and product delivery

Software development is a lengthy process and one that can have many delays. When you offshore development team india, you can rest assured that quick turnarounds are part of their work ethic.

When you work with an outsourced development team from India, you can always expect a faster delivery with great results. This is essential when companies are working on tight schedules that require full-fledged software solutions as fast as possible.

Note: A faster turnaround also includes the beta testing and bug fixing aspects of a software development project.

Reason 5 – Trending technology

There is a misconception that India’s struggles as a developing nation also affect specific industries. It is important to note that India is at the top of the game in terms of technology and infrastructure for software development.

The average workforce in India is fully dedicated and disciplined in their profession. There is nothing that developers from India lack in terms of efficiency. This makes them an outstanding choice for software development projects.

Interesting fact: The average age of a developer in India is 25. This places the country at the lowest average age of a fully qualified developer. A clear indicator of the discipline and commitment of hiring dedicated developers from India.

Final thoughts on outsourcing software development to India

There are many aspects to consider when you decide to work with any offshore development team india. This is even more important when you are dealing with software development.

POSTED IN: June 22, 2022 Gauri Pawar