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Outsourcing web development to India? Find out how “Digital India” is creating new opportunities for investors across the world.

Outsourcing web development

Have you ever outsourced web development to India before? If you have, this post is going to help you a lot. You all might have been already receiving various updates about “Digital India” and Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Silicon Valley this week through Social Media, TV News, and Newspapers etc. This initiative is trending all across the world with an intention of connecting the people of India to the world digitally. It is basically an initiative of Government of India to provide a good internet access in the country and bridge the gap between the government bodies and the citizens who elect them. Top CEOs of the United States, who have played a prominent role in digital revolution of the world, are endorsing the Digital India campaign. Having asked the reason, many of them said that it is a comprehensive vision that would bring the Indian citizens (and ofcourse India as a country) technically equivalent with the rest of the world.

“Digital India will bring about solutions for the challenge of digital divide,” were some of the words of Mr. Satya Nadella (CEO, Microsoft) while speaking at the Digital India dinner while John Chambers, CEO of Cisco mentioned “If you can change India, you will change the world”. This isn’t limited to a particular industry sector. I am talking about this topic because it is going to benefit you all (no kidding).

Why you should continue outsourcing web development or investing in India in other forms? The answer by PM Modi, “Low cost manufacturing, skill, man power, raw materials. I don’t think this is something that someone can ignore. In fact, it is a paradise for investors.”

If this problem of connectivity is solved in every part of India, I am sure more pool of expertise will be available for every kind of task you want to get developed. Plus, it will be benefited to people who have hired the virtual teams in India. Digital India is an initiative that will reduce people’s dependency on paperwork and makes the process electronically enabled. If you are getting a resource with all the required operational assets at a cost which is 75% lesser as compared to your country, why wouldn’t anyone think of outsourcing web development projects?

From Mark Zuckerberg and Sunder Pichai to Tim Cook, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been inspiring the Silicon Valley. Undoubtedly, the emphasis has been on solidifying the image of a ‘Digital India’ and so far, it looks like it’s been a success.

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