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Warning: You’re probably losing your business by not outsourcing to PHP development Company.

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What makes people discontinue outsourcing to any particular PHP development Company? It can be a bad experience with respect to the Quality, timely deliveries, improper project coordinations, language barriers, lack of skills or communications gaps. Having these challenges is a possibility, but it does not mean you will face these challenges every time you outsource your projects. It totally depends on what company you chose and on what priority you set; Quality or Cost-effectiveness. If you are thinking about a low-cost product, you shouldn’t expect a premium quality of services. It’s like if you pay peanuts, you get monkeys.

I know this fact that almost 60% of people outsource because of the low cost, but you can’t be sure of thequality. That’s why, I think it is fair to add few extra bucks, outsource to a reliable PHP development Company with a good track record and get the project complete beyond the expectations. Even if you add few extra bucks, you’ll be in profits. Want to know how? Here’re the calculations:

  1. If you belong to some countries in USA, UK, Australia or Africa, the hourly rate of hiring a well experienced and qualified resource can go around $75 to $500.
  2. Hourly rate in countries like India just ranges from $10 to $35. (25% of what you might be currently paying)
  3. When you hire an in-house developer or outsource to local companies, the technical expertise becomes limited. It’s quite natural that one person can’t master everything.
  4. When you outsource, the only goal the PHP development Company has is to get the project delivered as per your expectations. They can make a use of multiple expertise to get it done without charging you any extra penny.
  5. If you are thinking about the communication and language barriers, there is a very less possibility that your local expert will understand every detail of you project and won’t make any mistakes.
  6. If you are concerned about the security of the codes, you can sign a contract with the company you partner with, and if they follow any unethical method, you have a right to sue them.
  7. You can’t have a 100% control on your code even if you hire PHP developer from your city. In fact, it’s safer with outsourcing companies as they need to maintain a good name in the industry and they have this zest to get further projects from you.

Now, how am I sure that you are losing your business by not outsourcing? The answers are that if you keep paying thousands of dollars for half a grand’s project, you are definitely losing your profit margins. If you undertake projects within your premises, you need to attend each and every project, give it proper justice and spend numerous hours for that. You may fail to your focus on generating new businesses as all of your productive time is spent on existing projects. Whereas when you outsource, you can focus on getting new projects, outsource them to the company who offers proper PHP development services, and earn decent profits. Due to the difference in currency rate and time, you can outsource multiple projects at a time and earn more business revenues.

If you are looking out for a reliable PHP development Company who can take each one of your project seriously, then eLuminous technologies can be one of the better choices you will ever make.  There are no huge upfront financial outlay and no long-term contracts to sign on to. You can hire PHP developer as per the need and pay per month.

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