By the middle of 2012, a huge number of companies launched several smartphones, tablets & other portable devices with unimaginable addition of features to offer the ultimate level of convenience to their customers. With this move, the web developers & designers got the opportunity to explore the technology & go to the next level of programming by inventing various Mobile-Apps, websites & automated systems. Time & money became the most important things & this gradually led to the discovery of eCommerce which is proven to cut the time taken during buying & selling of products.

There are billions of eCommerce websites worldwide but have you ever noticed why all of them aren’t so popular as Amazon & eBay? The reason is that these giant players are already 10 years ahead than their present, they work towards future technology with continuous research & developments. Ecommerce websites & Mobile apps services aren’t the new things in the market, so it’s high time for those who still haven’t launched their Business-Apps & Corporate Websites. 58% of consumers all over the world already compare online and offline shopping to buy & sell products.

The future of the Internet is incredibly vast, and so it is of eCommerce. Some of the top Internet researchers claim that by 2020, customers will manage 85% of their relationship without talking to a human. If you start working towards it now, you will be able to stand in the corporate market after the next 5-10 years.

Here are a few predictions about what will be the future of eCommerce:

1.   Internet marketing will be at first place: With an increase in eCommerce websites & Mobile Apps, the next big thing would be to promote it. Internet marketing is crucial when it comes to the eCommerce industry. Without it, one cannot reach the targeted customers & meet their defined goals. It will include SEO, Social Media Marketing, and Content Marketing.

2.   Digital Currency: Ecommerce is all about online transactions, & for that people pay through credit cards, debit cards, net banking etc. Yet there are lots of technological advancements in these systems as well and it is soon to be replaced by the Digital currency. What is this digital currency? Well, it’s online money or medium of exchange that is electronically created & saved. Some of the digital currencies are cryptocurrencies, for example- Bitcoin. This is widely used in the eCommerce industry and it is expected to grow by 49% in the coming future.

3.   Mobile Applications: The total revenues by Mobile apps in the year 2013 reached $26 billion & it is expected to double by the end of the year 2014. Around one-fourth of the traders have already developed the eCommerce websites from reliable service providers, while the rest are still planning whether to launch it or not. The consumers have given their major preference to purchase via shopping apps rather than personally going to shops and buying.

4.   Dynamic Contents & Images: Having an eCommerce website is not about the static contents & permanent images, the developers need to think on innovative ideas on a continuous basis in order to improve the user experience. There should be dynamic Mobile-Apps & Website designs so that it can be changed regularly to seek more customer attention.

5.   Create a Value for customers: Incoming phase, with the massive increase in eCommerce websites & Mobile Apps, companies need to seek for strategies to maintain customer’s interest in their website & mobile apps. It may be through sending them discount coupons or special offers. Customer value would be the most important thing in the future of eCommerce as the ratio of websites & customers will be 75:25.

6.   Consistent technological innovations: In order to stand on top leaving the competitors behind, firms will need continuous research on some unbelievable technical innovations that will enable to customers to keep you as your first preference while shopping. One needs to go out of the box to offer future technology to a consumer who always seeks for visual creativity & cost-effectiveness.

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POSTED IN: May 8, 2014 Shweta Joshi