Are you eager to move ahead with the global web application trends & have your  website flashing conspicuously among the millions of other? I think everyone is struggling for increasing revenue, developing brand identity & ramping up the sales. Just take the first step & make the right selection of your future website basis, i.e. your future content management system. Tracing the run of website market, WordPress has already been in the foreground, however, TYPO3 is also taking respectful place currently. As a web application development company, we try to offer an optimal solution to our clients by choosing the CMS according to their requirements.

Conferring Google Trends, here are the key characteristics of both the CMS:


WordPress TYPO3

The word itself tells us everything.  WordPress is user-friendly & easy to start with. You don’t need to be the master to run your website on WordPress.

Extensive Opportunities

TYPO3 needs time to get used to this platform & then it will go smoothly. TYPO3 easily implements management process providing you to handle with drag & drop dashboard in the content & pages.

Responsive Layout

WP is highly customizable with diverse extensions. WordPress themes are functionally linked. Not every extension works in each theme, certain features are dependent.



Responsive Layout

By contrast, TYPO3 templates are largely core-independent. With more than 5999 freely available extensions, it provides almost unlimited possibilities.

Working Field-Blogs

WordPress is the CMS to start any website for various purposes. It may be a personal weblog, small website, business website.

Working Fields-Business Websites

Unlike WordPress, TYPO3 is more suitable for business matters.


To maintain the security with the best functionality, it is suggested to upgrade the WP versions on regular basis.


TYPO3 has built-in required features for security.

Layout Structure

WordPress lists all pages one under the other & once the list starts expanding, you can see

Layout Structure

TYPO3 has clear, tree-like pages structure with pages resembling folders of a file system.

Which is best then?

In many ways, WordPress & TYPO3 can’t be directly compared- they are in a distinct club in terms of the types of websites they are suited for and both are the leaders in their respective niches.

So, to identify which of these leaders might be best for you, consider the following features:

If you want

  • The relatively simple website, with additional common features.
  • Have small-medium budget & prefer to create & manage website yourself
  • Don’t have requirement of the website in multiple languages.

Then you should select WordPress.

However, if you want

  • A complex website with complex page hierarchies
  • Have requirement of a website in multiple languages
  • Need to integrate content with data from other sources.
Then you can go for TYPO3.

I hope this could help you to select an appropriate CMS for your web application. Still, if you have any query please put in comments, I will be glad to help you out. We do have expertise web developers with business excellence, so I can guarantee you will be guided to right track to succeed in your business.

POSTED IN: October 6, 2017 Gauri Pawar