Needless to say, many new web technologies are ruling in the world of web development, nowadays. And looking at their changing frequency it’s always better to go ahead with the new trends that are going to rise instead of trends we have till now. I think it’s the only way to win the race in long run.

It has been observed that 77% of digital agencies have identified poor website UX as their most significant weakness. Online shopping has already taken the strong hold over the web. Every year online sales market increases by 20% & it is expected to reach $4 trillion in 2020.

HubSpot stats shows  47% of website visitors check out a company’s products/services page before looking at any other sections of the site. And, 38% of people will stop engaging with a site if the content or layout is not compelling.

Let’s talk about the trends which can help you if you are willing to redesign your websites or build a new one.

  • Chatbots & Artificial Intelligence:


Being in touch with your customers, users is the most important factor for any business. Chatbots help to get necessary information from client, they can answer the most common questions , redirect customers to information pages. Advanced chatbots based on artificial intelligence will play a vital role in the upcoming years as they are able to understand live speech & constantly evolving. As customers become habitual to their presence & ways of interacting with them, the will expect all sites to have chatbots.

Business insider predicts approx. 85% of all customer interactions will proceed without any human assistance till 2020.

  • Single Page Websites:

A single page website is a long scrollable page which provides whole information of respective business/site without moving to any other page. The main assets of single page website are simplicity, user-friendliness & reduced cost for web designing, web development. This is modern solution; works well on smartphones whose usage will going to increase afterwards too, where scrolling is the easiest navigation mode. These type of websites had improved number of conversions for many businesses & will continue to offer similar benefits in the coming years.

  • Progressive Web Apps:

progressive web apps

Recent study on mobile phone usage showed that apps accounted for 89% of the time spent on our smartphone. Thus, its viable to use a format similar to mobile app & well received by common people.

Progressive Web Apps are websites similar to native mobile apps & they work offline. They have virtually no load time, good reliability & amazing user experience. Progressive Web Apps can be designed faster than mobile applications, easier to develop & maintain for both developer & user. Giants like Flipkart have made PWAs of their websites which has shown results in terms of improved conversions & user engagement.

  • User Interfaces in Motion

user interfaces in motion

User interfaces have always been a big challenge for web developers. Simplicity is the trend in recent years. Users are already tired of crazy GIFs, flashing ads & this is the only reason why websites with moderate design can achieve better results.

Although its true, sophisticated motion in UI is becoming more popular. Animations allow web developers to add styling to your website & make it unique among the others. Smooth animations will definitely going to get the great success.

  • Push Notifications for Websites


Since mobile app notifications are able to capture the most customer re-engagement, it is expected that website notifications soon become very popular in all industries, from traffic information to promotional sales or sports score, etc. Users will be able to get push notifications when they visit site. They will further be informed of any type of changes on website even when they are not active on website tab. It’s the simplest way to keep users engaged with your website without much efforts.

  • Static Websites

static websites

Even though the concept of static website is from early years of the World Wide Web & dynamic websites had come into the picture in past few years, the web is returning to its roots. Static websites are becoming the web development trend of 2018 again. But they have been improved by static site generators wherein it gets combined the advantages of a static website and a CMS. They are faster, cheaper & they can fulfil distinct business needs.

  • JavaScript


JavaScript is the most well-known trend of year 2017 & will continues to develop. JavaScript frameworks and libraries are more flexible and powerful. Checkout the war between Angular & React here. Both of them have their own pros & cons. There are many AngularJS fans, but React’s army is almost the same. For the last 5 years JavaScript is the winner of championship.

  • Blockchain


You must have heard about blockchain & its influence on web industry. It is the way of collective data storage.  All the information is placed on thousands of computers in the world which are not at one place. The main advantage is there are no intermediaries between transactions & every transaction is verified relying on complex algorithm with high level of protection. So multinational banks considering to implement blockchain at their work. Its common usage is in trading, security and exchange operations, cryptocurrency and other cryptography to protect data.

With these trends certainly, there will be addition of new features to attract & retain the potential customers. So keep your eyes on the latest updates related to web development & stay ahead of your competition.

POSTED IN: March 1, 2018 Gauri Pawar