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Why should you hire dedicated PHP programmers from a service provider?

When you are starting any web/ mobile app project, there are two options which you can select to get it started – 1) Hire an in-house programmer on a pay-role. 2) Hire Dedicated PHP programmers from companies offering outsourcing services.  Both the options are significant depending upon the business situations and challenges that you practically experience. If you own/work for a company whose primary business services includes development, then maybe hiring an employee is a good option for you. However, if you own a business which doesn’t have these services as their main offering, then hiring experienced programmers from well-established companies will be beneficial for you.

What’s the difference between Hiring an in-house programmer and availing external services to hire php programmers?

Hire php programmers

Here’s the difference:

If you decide to hire an employee, you will firstly need to discover suitable candidates, schedule their interviews, spend time on the recruitment processes, and train them after the selection. This will at least take a couple of weeks’ time. (Time-consuming). Then comes the salaries and operational facilities that is mandatory from a legal perspective. You will need to set-up an office having all the facilities, pay huge salaries to programmers even if they aren’t on any tasks. (Expensive). You will also need to guide the employee to work on multiple technologies, make him understand your exact expectations etc. and still he may not be able to give his best on his first project. (Lower quality)

Now if you go with external providers, you won’t have to spend time on recruitment and selection process. You can directly choose one programmer from the team, interview them and finalize the contract. This process will hardly take a day’s time. (Time-saver). You won’t have to pay high salaries to these employees as the cost will be fixed, no incentive policies, and you may assign multiple projects and justify the monthly hours. (Money-saver). The programmers working in these companies are highly experienced in multiple domains. So let it be any technology, they’ll understand it in a better way out of their experience and will thrive hard to prove themselves and complete your projects on time. Proficiency will be perceived through project quality that they commit before the project is undertaken. (High quality)

What will be the benefits if you hire dedicated PHP programmer?

  • A Non-disclosure and a security agreement are signed, so there isn’t a fear of codes being stolen or misused.
  • The programmer works as per latest technologies and industry standard, no special training needs to be provided.
  • You get a highly comfortable PMS through which you can check the status of the projects and time taken for each activity. Random screenshots are shared with you to make sure the programmer is working just for you.
  • You get guaranteed quality on every project they execute.
  • You can communicate with the team at any preferred time through email, chats, or calls.
  • You get the projects on-time without any hassles.
  • The billing is very simple, you will just need to renew the contract whenever you are in the need of a developer.

Are you able to notice the difference between the two now? I’m sure after reading this, you will give it a try and hire PHP programmers from a highly proficient service provider.

About eLuminous technologies: eLuminous technologies offers exceptional services to those who want to hire PHP programmers for their critical projects. Among the best reasons why you should hire dedicated php developers is our all-in service, starting from scratch planning up to the final implementation of the project.

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