You might have seen, the most successful WordPress websites are often redesigned by the WordPress Development Company every year according to that year’s trend. Have you ever thought why those websites are so popular? What makes them people to visit them so often? The reason is because they care for people who visit them, they care about their likes and dislikes. They keep themselves updated not with what they like to see, but according to what people like to see. Like you renovate your house and offices every year, it is equally necessary to redesign your website every as per the latest trend. It encourages people to visit your website which might lead turn into sales.

You just need some time to analyze what business value you want to add, and a reliable WordPress Development Company to help you add it and redesign it as per the current approach. Interested to know those things that you should implement differently in your website this year? I have listed them as follows:

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  1. Be more interactive, more personal with your audience: We all have seen those boring, never-ending websites which just describes how great their services are. It’s all passé. No one has got time to read what you have got to offer, they are more interested to read how you can help increase their productivity. Communicate with them at a more personal level. Let the WordPress Development Company design your website in such a way that they create a value to your audience. Heavy jargons are really not needed, keep it simple and easily understandable. If you address your audience more personally, they will love to spend more time on your website which will be a great benefit to your virtual business.
  2. People love scrolling vertically, so make it that way: With the increasing popularity of huge sized devices, people prefer more of a vertical scrolling layout than a wide layout. Scrolling is easier than pinching and pushing screens of mobile devices. So change it to the way your prospects wants it. 60% of people browse various websites on their mobile devices, so their preference will directly impact your virtual business growth. Vertical scrolling has taken a new shape since 2014. Previously people didn’t have so many devices to choose from, so most of the companies designed websites which were laptop/ desktop friendly. The situation is completely different now, people are more on the mobile devices than their desktops.
  3. Wide image backgrounds have become passé, change it: These days, every website that we open has a wide image background with the text written on it. It feels like browsing the same website every day. This is something you should get changed from the WordPress Development Company that you choose. Keep it simple, yet attractive with the help of colors and text. Choose your words wisely that would help you to create a strong impression on the readers. If you notice, the websites with plain backgrounds and lesser texts are more attractive and legible.
  4. Use Sidebar for menus, it’s handier: You might have noticed, the websites with mobile friendly designs already have a sidebar for menus. You need to click on the link to browse the required menu. Your homepage looks amazing as well as it is more accessible. Similar thing has taken a climb for main websites with the beginning of 2015. Everything is crystal clear and if you want to go into the menu, you can click on the sidebar and go to your respective destination.
  5. Large Typography with centered layout: If you want people to get in touch with you immediately, make sure you write some amazing opening lines, as well as selective contents for your website. Make a use of large sized fonts to display your titles and give your website a centered site layout. A large typography makes a sophisticated impression about your business to your customers. A centered layout is easy to read and is adjustable to various screen sizes.
  6. Emphasize on website loading speed & performance: It has happened to me so many times, when I open a website and it takes centuries to load it into my browser. I never wait for more than 5 minutes for any websites, simply find its alternative with a better loading speed. So above all, let the WordPress Development Company concentrate on your website’s loading speed and its performance on various browsers. Don’t let your prospects choose any alternatives for you.

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POSTED IN: March 2, 2015 Shweta Joshi