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Business Intelligence Services

Business Intelligence

There is a famous saying “Unless you are a fortune teller, long-term business planning is just a Fantasy”. But Business Intelligence Services are something that has proved this phrase wrong. An effective decision-making is one of the most important factors for making long-term business planning and this can be achieved only when an individual has easy accessibility to relevant information with stats that creates accurate insights. If you can get a support of systematic insights about your biggest and most profitable customers, you might be able to create a very organized presentations. This may radically improve your brand image and overall customer flow.

Our Business Intelligence Services Includes :


  • QlikView Business Intelligence
  • Microsoft Business Intelligence
  • Pentaho Business Intelligence
  • Tableau Business Intelligence


  • KPI Modules
  • Analytics and Reporting
  • OLAP (Online Analytical Processing) Modules

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Advantages of BI

Every solution is designed for the highest ROI to your organization
Our BI Experts combine core expertise with sector-specific knowledge
Strong requirement understanding and consulting
Analyze, customize and implement the user’s most pertinent needs
Improve brand value and help in actual business productivity.
Why us?

eLuminous Technologies has a professional team of experts who firstly understands customers business, their market, goals and helps the organizations transform their strategic business objectives into Business Intelligence. When collectively formed, we help businesses to convert these insights and ideas into actionable results. We support the organizations to optimize their performance through scalable and instinctive tools and other platforms using our extensive BI services.

Business Intelligence Case Studies

Consulting and Development- BI project for Tyre (tire) manufacturing company

Description :
Our client is a big player in tyre (tire) industry who purchases tyres (tire) from reputed manufacturers and wholesalers. They sell those tyres (tires) in 21+ different countries with 2500 point-of-sales.

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Developing MAR Management Analysis Reports for MP Innovations

Description :
MP Innovations works in various verticals of Online Leads processing & eCommerce strategy n execution for its clientele. In every vertical they have many clients and process for each vertical is different.

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Development of comprehensive BI reporting solution with Pentaho

Description :
A leading Valves Manufacturing company in USA, having presence in 12 different locations out of which 8 are manufacturing plants and 4 are the regional controlling offices looking after the overall operations including Production, Finance and Sales

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Job portal reporting tool for a big placement company near NYC.

Description :
A placement company having office in more than 7-8 locations wanted to develop its market by utilizing its limited resources correctly. There were many factors including jobs available vs skills available by registered members, jobs available according to the location vs skills in that area, trend analysis of demand and Trend analysis of areas..

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