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Many businesses have presence over multiple countries/locations & it’s being increasing with the huge competition in each sector. Considering limitations of us as a human being, it is just next to impossible for anyone to manage & analyze the huge data at each location manually in an effective way & reach to the conclusion for making decision. Also, the forecasting of sale becomes difficult due to unmanaged data.


  • Does your business has a presence in multiple locations?
  • Want to focus more on countries with a huge sale?
  • Want to have consolidated reports, comparative reports to analyze the data in thousands of Point-of-sales?
  • Not able to forecast the demand of your Point-of-sales?
  • Difficulty in making a business decision?


  • Web Based Solution – Intranet Website in PEAN (Postgresql, Express Js, AngularJs and Node js) Stack
  • Website Frontend: To get the data from thousands of point-of-sales in a homogeneous way.
  • Website Backend (admin panel) : To see consolidated data and reports.

Why MEAN/PEAN Stack?

  • Scalable & has event-driven, non-blocking architecture.
  • Very Quick in response although many users are concurrently using the system.
  • JavaScript used in every single component of the stack.
  • JavaScript reduces efforts, development time & maintain transparency.
  • Uses JSON for Data transformation.
  • Postgresql is scalable, easy to implement & capability to give great back-end storage for high traffic websites.
  • It makes easy for the admin to have insight into consolidated data, comparative reports in One Go!

Proven Benefits

  • Admin is able to see real-time data just in a single-click.
  • Analyze each location’s data in a homogenous format.
  • Reduced manual efforts of collecting data from each location.
  • Scaled downed the time & cost.
  • Help to make quick business decisions.
  • Had increased the revenue of the client by almost 8% within a very small period of time.

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