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Project description

Skills: Drupal 6, Core PHP, Jquery, CSS3, Ajax and MySql


B1G1 is an organization which works for the NGO. Any NGO can register on site from around the globe and they can add their projects on site. B1G1 will promote these projects to their business users and collect donations for these Projects.


There are memberships for business users. As per the membership, there are some great
features which will be available to them. For membership fees, we use PayPal payment gateway. Some users can subscribe to the monthly membership plans and these are handled by recurring payments.


There are some features which send emails when any user donate on site and these emails are also managed as per the Membership of user. If  the individual user (These are the users who don’t need to pay for their membership as these are base users) want to donate on the site these users can do this by “GivingLife” and there are so many features/functionalities for them.

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