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Project description

Skills: CodeIgniter, Jquery, CSS3


This website is built using of Code Igniter for crowd funding for students. The Site has 2 types of users- patrons and donee. Donee is the one who creates a journey and Patron is the one who sponsors that journey. On Stellagy, every user acts as a donee and patron hence they can create journey or donate for journey at any time. Currently, only South African people can create journey but patrons from any country can donate on that journey.


After creating a journey, donee needs to collect 5% amount from their own network to make journey public, till then journey will not be available on the website in listing or search results and it is labeled private. Patrons who donated for the journey would get all the updates posted on the journey at user’s activity page. After getting the total journey amount, the journey will be considered as completed and donee will be notified for the same. Admin will handle the funds for the journey from the backend. If journey fails i.e., doesn't collect 100% amount then patrons who donated for the journey will get their amount in their wallet on Stellagy and can be used for next donation.

  • Crowdfunding website.

  • Members: Patrons and Donee, Member profile, Activity page, Auto updates and feeds

  • Manual payment control

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