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POS Doctor is an advanced machine learning solution for enterprises that sell through franchisee network.

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Stay Focused

With our web platform, franchisees know what is the important goal of the organisation and what they need to do to achieve the goal.

Real-time Insights

Save time on struggling POS data anomalies, & data consolidation while POS Doctor lets you focus on strategic initiatives.

Get Competitive Advantage

Plan in Advance with our Machine learning and Demand Forecasting models and reduce purchase cost significantly

Why POS Doctor?

Push Based System 1

Provides Top-Notch Push Based Workforce engagement Platform

Push Based System

Automated Intelligent Alerts 2

AI driven Leading and trailing alerts, Significant Performance Deviation wrt Peer Groups of same Region /Category, Pattern of Product Return, Custom alerts based on business rules/parameters

Push Based System

Predictive Analytics & Forecasting 3

Sales prediction which helps in forecasting, inventory planning, fleet, and operations

Push Based System

Delivery On Mobile 4

Stakeholders gets realtime insights, alerts, reports deliver directly on their mobile.

Push Based System

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Case Studies

Automobile Components Industry
Automobile Components Industry registered a sales growth of 18%

Client Profile

A renowned UK brand from the automobile components industry.

MNC increasing its market share in Innovative and High performance power tools
MNC increasing its market share in Innovative and High performance power tools

Client Profile

A MNC, market leader in power tools, which are used extensively in the engineering and construction industries.

Retail Industry
Retail Industry grew average sales of three in-house fashion brands by almost 24%

Client Profile

A major British multinational retailer that specializes in selling high quality clothing, fashion, accessories etc.


This does a linear regression analysis to give you prediction analysis & Forecasting
Although the exact time of implementation may depend on the environment and complexity of the database, generally it takes 2 months.
Businesses who has multilocation franchises or point of sales who wants to boost their sale by engageing their franchises or point of sales. It can be Retailer who runs fashion & Appreal boutiques with many franchises or can be electronics or tyre retailer.
POSDOCTOR works independently, so no need to making any modifications in your system. POSDOCTOR has many connectors with which it takes data from your ERP/CRP/Customized Developed Systems/Flat files like CSV, Excel.
Yes it gives live dashboards and scrorecards for all the stakeholders like Franchisee owner, Regional sales manager, CEO.
Yes definetly. This solution can be deployed on public or private cloud.
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