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Web Responsive

web-responsiveIn the era of cutting-edge internet technology, most user's access internet on mobile devices, tablets and other internet enabled portable devices along with varying screen sizes and capabilities & that's why it’s highly important to find out a Responsive Web Design Company. It is increasingly difficult to create a website, which is visually appealing as well as which is accessible on all devices. Thankfully, we have an alternative “Responsive Web design”, which is the solution. The conception behind the amalgam of JavaScript, CSS and CSS3 is to build the flowing website design which is capable to expand, contract, remove or rearrange with user’s screen size accordingly and become accessible on all internet devices.

Responsive web design firms makes use of CSS3 media queries and fluid grids to create Responsive websites, with optimal layout and design, for screens with various sizes. So your website layout changes depending on the size of screen being used to view it. There are other parameters that can be used to decide on the layout for a particular device, however, width is one of the primary deciding factors.

Responsive Websites have many advantages over Mobile websites:
  • One website for multiple devices

  • No separate URLs for similar content and hence no duplicate content.

  • Since you end up with just one website, therefore, it is less expensive and much easier to maintain.

  • Your website is optimally viewable on various Mobile devices with the least amount of zooming, panning, scrolling etc.

Therefore we can conclude that Responsive Website Design is better than Mobile Web Design, as it has all the qualities of a Mobile Website without any of its disadvantages. This is also the preferred way to create sites for multiple devices as recommended by Google. Get in touch with us to get your website converted into a Responsive Web Design.