Manual Testing Versus Automation Testing

Software testing is the stage of the development lifecycle for evaluating the capability of a system/program, finding bugs & determining with it meets the development objective. Software quality testing services broadly categorized into 1. Manual Testing 2. Automated Testing Manual testing is the process of manually identifying defects in system/software. In this, testers check features of the given application for proper functioning. While automation testing is the method of leveraging automated tools to write & […]

React Native Mobile Apps Development –What is it?

Statista shows, by the year 2020 mobile apps are set to generate $188.9 billion USD in global revenues via app stores and in-app advertising. It clearly implies huge opportunities for businesses & high time, to begin with utilizing Mobile app market.  On the contrary, users see ‘n’ number of apps on their smartphones. Creating an app which would please your target audience is a great challenge. Isn’t it? Let’s see how we can make it […]

Android Jetpack to accelerate Mobile App Development

Android Jetpack! Have you heard about the term or not? Google CEO Sundar Pichai made some of the biggest announcements at the Google I/O 2018 Developer’s Conference & the one was in the spotlight was the introduction of Android Jetpack. Android Jetpack is introduced to accelerate the mobile app development process. What is Android Jetpack? In simple words, Android Jetpack is a set of components, tools and guidance to mobile app developers make great Android […]

Key Takeaways: 2018 Gartner Critical Capabilities for Business Intelligence & Analytics platforms

Gartner recently released its 2018 Gartner Critical Capabilities for Analytics & Business Intelligence platforms which will going to be a strong resource for buyers of data management solutions in finding the products that fit best in their organizations. Critical capabilities are defined in terms of quality & performance. Rating is given to each vendor depending on the key features, quality of service they are offering to their clients. This critical capabilities report is a companion […]

Are you ready for GDPR?

Nowadays, Internet has dramatically changed the way we communicate & manage our daily tasks. We send emails, share documents, do bill payments, do online shopping & many more activities by sharing our personal data online without thinking for fraction of a second. Have you ever wondered how much personal data you have shared online & what happens to those shared details? Here we are considering banking information, addresses, contact numbers, your IP addresses, social media […]

Web Development Trends For 2018

Needless to say, many new web technologies are ruling in the world of web development, nowadays. And looking at their changing frequency it’s always better to go ahead with the new trends that are going to rise instead of trends we have till now. I think it’s the only way to win the race in long run. It has been observed that 77% of digital agencies have identified poor website UX as their most significant […]

eLuminous Technologies is Exhibiting at Insight Show 2018, London

The Insight Show, one of the prominent industry’s events in London will be on 7 & 8 March this year & eLuminous will be there of course! We are proud to exhibit in this event of innovation with stand number IG42. Let’s meet to discuss unexplored opportunities & discover new possibilities. We aim to get a thorough understanding of different marketplaces including technology markets and featured upcoming products, services, and companies. eLuminous Technologies is participating […]

Why is React Native the Future of Mobile App Development?

When it comes to recent trends in technology, few sectors have experienced the same growth and demand as the mobile app development industry. That is to say, this lucrative industry continues to thrive and is now responsible for more than 180 Billion downloads on mobile devices every year. With this in mind, programming is still at the forefront of technology and a process which relies heavily on various computer languages such as Java, Swift, and […]

Top Technology Buzzwords for the Year 2018 (Part 1)

No one can predict the future, but we can make some educated guesses. Pacing with the change in each passing year, if you don’t pay attention to these changes, it is easy to fall behind the times & market. We are here to amend the top technology buzzwords, that others are using in conversations to poise you to take advantage of new opportunities & conversations. Get ready to step into future. Artificial Intelligence Already been […]

Ionic or Xamarin? Which one should you choose?

Nowadays, businesses do not want to develop mobile apps differently for separate mobile OS. Also, from the developer’s point of view, a hybrid(ionic) framework makes it easy to develop an app. There are two frameworks which are seizing the market in these days, Ionic & Xamarin. Here is an infographic which tells the differences among them: So, Xamarin or Ionic? Therefore, as you can see now, your decision lies upon your criteria. If you want […]