Case Studies

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Case Studies


Address Bar Advertising

The Client: The client is running a web development company in Israel which deals in web designing and web application services.

Description :
Social Marketing and Internet Advertising have become prime tools for generating better business revenue as well as brand visibility.

The client wished to get maximum out of these internet tools. Being a social media marketer himself he tried almost all sort of advertising campaigns such as banner advertising, social ads etc.


Princeton specific alcohol education and information gathering tool

The Client: Princeton University is private lvy league Research University located in Princeton, New Jersey, United states.

Description :
The client’s need was to create awareness about Alcohol consumption amongst the first year students of Princeton University. Currently, large percentage of youth consumes alcohol and there are many cases of fatalities due to alcohol poisoning or injuries due to alcohol.



The Client: The Client is a complete solutions provider for the Printing and Packaging Industry in the MENA (Middle East North Africa) region and India.

Description :
Client was very old player in printing industry middle east and maximum business he was able to generate through word of mouth or repeat orders from existing partners Client was not able to generate business from website as the content of the website was not that impressive and lack of visibility on internet.


Online Marketing Strategy

The Client: The Client is a USA based established social networking brand run by passionate team of social marketer who is mainly dealing into advertising and SEO services.

Description :
The Client was looking forward to build a website which would be super easy for users to promote their business,product and opportunity on internet. The main purpose of website was to help out businesses with better connectivity and visibility in the respective markets in very time savvy manner.