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Hire Flutter Developers

Dedicated Flutter developers for Hire from Apple App Store Award Winning Company

Hire Flutter app developer to develop groundbreaking mobile applications for both Android and iOS. So, when it comes to cross-platform development, Flutter 3 is the Best Choice!

  • 30+ Flutter
  • Agile
  • Rapid
Hire Flutter Developers
Hire Fluuter Developers
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"They were clear in what they needed to do at each stage, and even gave suggestions on how to improve the app."

  • 30+ Flutter
  • Agile
  • Rapid

Hire Flutter Developers
with Expertise in

Hire Flutter app development experts who will help you to build highly scalable,
result-driven mobile applications

Custom Flutter

Get your flutter mobile app ready to hustle in the market with our top flutter developers who are having proven track record of achieving great milestones in your businesses. Our skilled flutter developers and full stack development team will help you build a high-performing cross-platform application by analyzing your app idea thoroughly.

Flutter Migration
and Upgradation

Hire Flutter app developers to seamlessly migrate and upgrade the existing Flutter app to excel in the most competitive market. Enhance your app development project by choosing a skilled Flutter developer from eLuminous.

Flutter App
UI/UX Design

Our dedicated team of experienced flutter developers makes the best strategy for interactive, user-friendly cross-platform mobile application development based on the flutter framework. We have certified flutter developers who take care of each component in UI/UX right from visual design, architecture to usability.

Flutter Support
& Maintenance

We promise to offer an end-to-end web development solution to our clients with QA and testing services. Our remote flutter developers are able to deliver 360 Degree solutions throughout your entire mobile app development journey, ensuring the creation of top-notch cross platform apps

Flutter Cross-platform
App Development

Our developers build scalable web apps that can run on any platform. You can grow your digital presence on Windows, Android, iOS, Linux, and many prominent systems. Hire our dedicated Flutter developers to notice the difference.

Flutter Development
Consulting Services

At eLuminous, we offer guided assistance through our Flutter app development services to help you plan your next Flutter-based project. Develop a sound business strategy by communicating all your pointers to our developers and experienced Project Managers.

Leverage Skills of Our
Dedicated Flutter Mobile App Developers

Our certified dedicated Flutter developers are experienced in various front end and back end
technologies, making us capable of delivering Flutter development Services that are perfect for your business needs

  • ImagePicker
  • FilePicker
  • Provider
  • Google Map
  • Firebase(All service)
  • Payment Gateway (Stripe
  • Googlepay
  • Razorpay)
  • Social Sign In(Facebook
  • Google)
  • Shared preferences
  • InApp Purchase
  • AWS Amplify
  • Flutter local notifications
  • Flutter
  • Dart plugins
  • Flutter SDK
  • Dark SDK
Tools & Utilities
  • Android Studio
  • Visual Studio Code
  • IntelliJ
  • Version Control tools (Git, GitLab, Bit Bucket)
  • Local Storage
  • SQLite
  • Firebase real-time database
  • Cirrus
  • Bitrise
  • Codemagic
UX Designing
  • Figma
  • Prototype
  • Supernova
  • Sketch
  • Adobe XD
Code Review
  • Default Flutter Analyze
  • Effective Dart-default IDE Static Analysis
  • Apk file (Debug, Sign)
  • TestFlight
  • Firebase Distribution
  • Firebase (Google) Analytics
  • BaseCamp
Crash Reporting
  • Firebase Crashlytics
  • Flutter Crashlytics
Project Management Tools
  • Jira
  • Slack
  • Trello
Deployment Process
  • CI/CD
State Management
  • Provider
  • GetX
  • BLoC
  • Mobx
Upgrade Services
  • Flutter 1
  • Flutter 2
  • Flutter 3
Dedicated Flutter Developers Hire Now
Technical Skills Non-technical Skills
Dart, Git, UI Design Troubleshooting Capability
Data Structures Problem solving attitude
Flutter Framework Excellent Communication
Software Development Lifecycle Task Management

Dedicated Flutter Developers

  • Technical Skills
  • Dart, Git, UI Design
  • Data Structures
  • Flutter Framework
  • Software Development Lifecycle
  • Non-technical Skills
  • Troubleshooting Capability
  • Problem solving attitude
  • Excellent Communication
  • Task Management
Hire Now

Hire Flutter Developers Offering
Futuristic Development Services

In today’s era, relying on conventional Flutter development is not enough. You need to leverage new-age technology and hire Flutter developers who can assist you in this process. At eLuminous, our programmers go one step ahead and offer unique Flutter services.

Explore some of the main sub-domains of our customized Flutter development services.

Flutter Automated Testing

Flutter Automated Testing

Choosing Flutter as your cross-platform framework can be an excellent decision to perform automated testing. Our developers can quickly test your software’s functionality, UI, and other technical aspects.

Related scope:

  • Integration testing
  • Widget testing
On-device Machine Learning

On-device Machine Learning

You can use Google’s ML Kit plugin for Flutter to improve the processing speed. However, such a feature is still under development and available for the Android platform. The decision to hire Flutter developers can prove helpful in leveraging such exclusive additions.

Related scope:

  • TensorFlow Lite
  • Google Flutter ML
IoT Development with Flutter

IoT Development with Flutter

Flutter can be an excellent platform to work on IoT devices. It supports rapid prototyping, gamification, and ensures seamless deployment. Our dedicated Flutter developers can capitalize on various interconnected technologies to help build engaging IoT devices.

Related scope:

  • Bluetooth
  • Arduino Uno Rev3
Asynchronous Programming with Flutter

Asynchronous Programming with Flutter

You can refine and accelerate an improvement cycle using Flutter’s asynchronous programming. However, it is vital to hire dedicated Flutter developers who understand such technicalities profoundly.

Hire Full Stack Flutter Developer
to Attain Excellency

At eLuminous, we are well-versed in serving different types of businesses. Be it an early-stage start-up or a well-established organization, we have the right professionals for any level of company.

You can hire junior Flutter programmer, senior Flutter developer, or tech leads, as per your budget and project needs.

Junior Flutter Programmer Senior Flutter Developer Lead Flutter Engineer
1 - 3 years of experience 3 - 10 years of experience 10+ years of experience
2+ Flutter development projects 5+ Flutter development projects 10+ Flutter development projects

Our Flutter App Developers are Adept
at Implementing Various Integrations 

At eLuminous, we have skilled Flutter programmers who can work with various tech combinations.
You can hire dedicated Flutter app developers who can build software on numerous platforms from scratch.

Flutter Apps on iOS

Flutter Apps on iOS

Our Flutter mobile app development company has professionals who can create beautiful iOS applications. The developers focus on the right blend of aesthetics, native environment, and security to design fool-proof iOS apps.

Flutter on Android

Flutter on Android

You can leverage the vast Android platforms market by hiring our skilled Flutter programmers. Our technicians utilize the most suitable Flutter features to create impressive apps compatible with Android smartphones.

Flutter on Windows

Flutter on Windows

For all devices running on Microsoft’s operating system, creating software that offers a seamless experience is essential. Our Flutter programmers ensure using the suitable packages that make your product look like a native Windows app.

Flutter on macOS

Flutter on macOS

Like creating Windows applications, our dedicated Flutter developers utilize resources to build apps for macOS devices. So you can make a solid presence in a niche target market.

Top 5% Talent Vetting Process We Follow



Check Culture-Fit,
Self-learning Ability

  • Confidence
  • Optimism
  • Sincerity


Spoken and Written English
to understand Suitability

  • Active listening
  • Writing skills
  • Responsiveness

Deep Technical

We use 3rd party customized
tests for evaluating technical knowledge

  • Multiple Choice questions
  • Syntax completion Coding
  • Tests, Code scenarios

Get Developers
Certified With CIP

i.e. Continuous Improvement Plan Agile, Laravel, PMP, and different programming languages



Check Culture-Fit,
Self-learning Ability

  • Confidence
  • Optimism
  • Sincerity


Spoken and Written English
to understand Suitability

  • Active listening
  • Writing skills
  • Responsiveness

Deep Technical

We use 3rd party customized
tests for evaluating technical knowledge

  • Multiple Choice questions
  • Syntax completion Coding
  • Tests, Code scenarios

Get Developers
Certified With CIP

i.e. Continuous Improvement Plan Agile, Laravel, PMP, and different programming languages

Case Studies

Don't just take our word for it - see real results in our intriguing case studies.

IOT based Healthcare solution for relieving back pain

A healthcare brand based in UK has developed a back movement sensor system to measure the bending of the spine during everyday situations. The collected data serves as a basis for analysis and consultation on lumbar motion monitoring and health

Download PDF

Intelligent Forecasting Solution for Pharmaceutical Salesforce – Middle East

Janssen Neuroscience is a well-known pharmaceutical brand all over the world. To support their on fields sales activities in Gulf countries client came up with the idea to build an intelligent solution

Download PDF

How to Hire Flutter
Developers with Us?

To hire dedicated Flutter developers, you can follow a simple process. Our team
will guide you at every stage and provide the necessary information.

  • 1 Share Your
    Connect with us and share your project needs. We have a team of Flutter experts who can understand your business and plan the best roadmap. 
  • 2 Brainstorm and
    We brainstorm ideas with you and decide how Flutter can help meet your business goals. Based on this information, we suggest the team size, technology stack, level of experience, and other required aspects.
  • 3 Choose Suitable
    You have complete control over selecting a dedicated team for Flutter development. Browse our recommendations and choose the best-suited developers to work on your project.
  • 4 Complete the
    Sign an NDA and choose the best engagement model. We follow complete transparency in the process. Initiate your Flutter-based project after discussing all vital parameters like budget, duration, code ownership, and other factors.

Comparative Analysis

Parameter eLuminous Freelance Developers In-house Developers
Time to get right developers 1 day - 2 weeks 4 - 12 weeks 1 - 12 weeks
Time to start a project 1 day - 2 weeks 1 - 12 weeks 2 - 10 weeks
Acquisition cost 0 0 $9,000 - $25,000
Recurring cost of training & benefits 0 0 $5,000 - $10,000
Pricing (weekly Average) 1.5x 1x 4x
Time to scale size of team 1 day - 2 weeks 1 - 12 weeks 4 - 16 weeks
Project failure risk Extremely Low
We have 97% Success Ratio
Very High Low
Termination costs NONE None High
Developers backed by a delivery team YES No Some
Dedicated resources YES No Yes
Agile Development methodology YES No Some
Quality assuarance YES Some No
Impact due to turnover NONE High High
Structured training programs YES No Some
Communications Seamless Uncertain Seamless
Assured work rigor 40 hrs/week Uncertain 40 hrs/week
Tools and professional environment Best-in-Class No Varies
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Why Tech Managers opt

eLuminous to Hire Flutter

Hire Flutter app developers or complete development team with flexible engagement models like full-time, part-time, or Adhoc basis as per your company need and leverage the impact of the best cutting edge technologies

Let’s innovate together

Hire Flutter Developers
Hire Fluuter

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We have a straightforward process for hiring flutter application developers for quick onboarding

Access to Cutting-Edge Technologies

Hands-on experience in building IoT and AI-based mobile apps. We use Rest APIs for integration with ERP/SAP

3-Months Post-Delivery Support

We promise free technical support of 3-Months after app delivery


90% of clients have rated us 4.5+ on Schedule and Quality

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Flutter is open source app development framework backed by Google. It is cross-platform app development that allows us to write code (from a single codebase) once and deploy it on different operating systems like android, iOS, etc. It provides rapid prototyping, flexible and expressive UI, faster development. So, connecting with expert flutter developers can prove useful for your app development process. Always choose flutter programmers with hands on experience of using different programming languages and sound technical skills.

Here are some factors to consider while choosing the top flutter developers in India:

  • Relevant Years of Experience
  • Check the Portfolio (number of apps developed)
  • Go for The Quality
  • Compare Pricing for project development
  • Hire a Company with regular updates
  • Check for References and use of the best flutter development tools
  • Look for a company that can offer Customized Solutions and a dedicated team model

The benefits of approaching a flutter development company with skilled flutter consultants are evident from the pros of this cross platform framework. Here are the main aspects of the flutter ecosystem:

  • Reduced App Development Time
  • Large Community Support to develop android, windows, and ios apps
  • Quicker Time to Market
  • Cost Effective native app development
  • Custom, Animated UI of Any Complexity Available

Since its release Flutter has undoubtedly managed to make everyone’s heart Flutter! Let's get to know about specific types of apps that can be built with Flutter:

  • Gaming Apps
  • On-Demand Apps
  • Flutter for exerting ML in apps

Some companies hire freelance flutter developers to work on their projects. On the other hand, some businesses choose a flutter developer that works at a professional company. Regardless of the nature of association, a mobile developer skilled in creating suitable flutter app project can boost your company's online assets profoundly.

Yes, Of Course. Google Play Store is easily compatible. Apple Store and Windows Store ask us to follow some coding standards and norms. Once they followed, the application can be live on all the stores.

The cost of hiring dedicated Flutter programmers depends on experience, skills, expertise, and other miscellaneous factors. The average hourly rate varies in the range of USD 3,500 to USD 4,200 range.

When you hire dedicated Flutter developers, it is possible to develop cross-platform apps quickly. In addition, these programmers help create apps with a sleek UI and better security features. Overall, availing yourself of the services of such professionals enables you to gain a competitive edge in the online domain.

To hire a Flutter developer, you must be clear about your business requirements. Choose the best hiring model from outsourcing, staff augmentation, offshoring, or in-house recruitment. You can shortlist potential vendors to outsource Flutter developers and contact the most reliable Flutter development agency.

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