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Top Flutter Mobile App Development Agency in India : Guide 2024

Top Flutter Mobile App Development Agency in India : Guide 2024
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Xianyu by Alibaba (100M+ downloads), Google Ads (10M+ downloads), Reflectly (1M+ downloads)

Do you know all these apps are built using Flutter technology? If you are looking for similar functionality and UI/UX in your mobile app, search for a leading Flutter mobile app development agency in India with years of experience working on this mind-blowing tech-stack.

The cross-platform framework, Flutter, was introduced in May 2017 and is supported by Google. Flutter is a portable UI toolkit for creating native-like apps for mobile, web, and desktop. Flutter is the technology that might be your best bet if you want one app for various platforms. Moreover, you can create your mobile app within a week using Flutter. You can get Flutter app development services in India for Windows or get Flutter app development solutions for iOS.

The Google Home hub’s user interface and several other Google Assistant modules are powered by Flutter. Moreover, it is one of the most used frameworks among developers worldwide (source: Statista)

Cross platform mobile frameworks used by software developers worldwide from 2019 to 2021

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Hire Flutter app developers to get stunning user interfaces that feel and look native. Even though you just have one codebase, Flutter apps function normally on all platforms. The ideal method to get highly customized and budget-friendly digital solutions is to outsource Flutter app developers to an Indian company.


why outsource flutter app development to india

However, finding the best dedicated Flutter app development company in India is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Don’t worry; in this article, you will discover a one-stop destination for both established and start-ups to create Flutter-based cross-platform mobile apps that are both user-friendly and affordable.

Cost-effective mobile app development is not the only point in favor of this framework. There are various reasons to choose this technology over others. Let’s uncover first how Flutter can help you develop an application that will increase your customer base.

How Flutter Mobile App Development Services Skyrocket Your Business?

Find the top reasons to choose Flutter for your next project.

Top benefits of flutter app development services

  • Faster Time-to-Market

The Flutter framework is more responsive than its rivals. Compared to developing the same app individually for Android and iOS, you can often anticipate that a Flutter project will require at least twice as few man-hours. The primary reason is Flutter enables the simultaneous development of Android and iOS apps. Using Flutter app development, you can implement your business ideas more quickly.

  • Similar to Native App Performance

Good UX relies on the speed of the application. Flutter doesn’t depend on any interpreters or intermediary code representations. Flutter applications are immediately incorporated into machine code. Thus, any performance issues resulting from the interpretation process are eliminated. Your Android and iOS mobile apps can behave like native apps because Flutter uses Dart programming language. Hence utilizing device-specific features in mobile apps is made possible by Flutter.

  •  Hot Reloading

Hot reloading helps to check the changes immediately. Thus, a Flutter mobile app development agency in India can update your app using hot reloading and test them right away on the LIVE app. It facilitates speedier feature addition, bug fixing, and experimentation.

  •  Own Rendering Engine

With Flutter, you can do many things with your apps that aren’t possible with other platforms. For rendering itself onto a canvas provided by the platform, Flutter uses Skia. This engine enables the Flutter UI to be launched on almost any platform. Put another way; the development process is significantly streamlined since UI no longer needs to be modified to be transferred to a platform.

  • Great Community Support

Flutter was created with consideration for app design and functionality. Therefore, a tonne of widgets is accessible to create a visually appealing interface. When Google highlighted Flutter at the Google I/O conference in 2017, it gained traction. Currently, there are 1140 Flutter contributors on GitHub. It has strong community support, which enables prompt assistance and expedites application development.
After knowing these amazing benefits of Flutter, we are sure you are soon looking for the right Flutter mobile app development agency in India, but how do you find the best one, let’s figure it out.

How to find the best Flutter App Development Company in India?

“Right development using the Right framework and in the Right hand” is a key to successful mobile app development.
Your website’s performance can help or hinder business growth, depending on how well it functions. A wrong decision might be costly when choosing a development partner.

Here is a list of useful tips to help you choose the best web development business.

  • How effectively do they comprehend your business needs?
  •  Check their portfolio and past work samples
  •  Analyze the skill of their team.
  •  Check their web hosting service
  •  Check online reviews & ratings
  • Check if they have done any projects similar to yours

eLuminous Technologies is one the best Flutter mobile app development agency in India, known majorly for its front-end development services and a pro at making intuitive mobile apps. Let’s learn more about this web development company.

eLuminous Technologies, a Top Flutter Mobile App Development Agency in India

eLuminous Technologies, a Top Flutter Mobile App Development Agency in India

As a leading Flutter mobile app development agency in India, eLuminous technologies is renowned for creating world-class flutter apps that enable your company to operate more efficiently and with fewer operating costs.

The custom software mobile app development team tackles every stage of providing Flutter mobile app development services with a cutting-edge methodology, maximizing the framework’s potential.

Our flutter developers have the most recent training, and access to our knowledge base, and reusable parts that we have developed over the years to help our customers achieve their mobile app goals more quickly and affordably.

flutter app development service

We have been developing Flutter mobile apps for many years, and our development team is skilled at making customized apps. We approach app development with a focus on outcomes and are dedicated to meeting deadlines. With the help of several integrations, we can scale your Flutter application to match your business development needs.

Flutter App Integrations

Get a top-notch app that is natively developed for mobile, web, and desktop when you hire flutter app developers from eLuminous. Have a look at the industries we have served.

Industries served by eLuminous technologies

Our experienced team has extensive Flutter architecture experience to build apps with interactive UI and high and agile performance. To create highly interactive, useful applications with native performance and adaptable UI designs, we provide the following Flutter app development services.

Top Flutter App Development Services of eLuminous Technologies

From a business idea to development, deployment, and maintenance, we provide end-to-end Flutter app development services. Our cross-platform flutter app development services include:

Top Flutter App Development Services of eLuminous Technologies

  •  Custom Flutter App Development

We can customize your project according to the needs of your users and business. To produce responsive cross-platform apps quickly, our skilled Flutter developers combine user experience with rapidly evolving technologies like Flutter.

  • Flutter Consultation Services

Talk to our Flutter expert and understand your project requirements. As a leading Flutter mobile app development agency in India, we can assist you in validating your Flutter app idea and make sure the framework is the best technical fit for your product.

  • Flutter Widget Development

Our dedicated Flutter developer creates an attractive and rich custom widget for your Flutter applications so that you can enhance the user experience, increase conversions, and modify UI design strategies (Read more on how to build your Flutter widget).

  • Flutter App Testing & Deployment

Using our top Flutter testing services, you may eliminate errors and make your app safe for deployment on Android and iOS devices. We also assist you with continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) for your Flutter application.

  • Flutter App UI/UX Design

Using the most recent trends and the best techniques, eLuminous Flutter app development team creates stunning user interfaces and user experiences for your Flutter application.

  • Migration to Flutter Apps

We are the Flutter app development company, the world trusts to make top-notch digital solutions. Through careful planning, testing, and deployment, we offer services for moving apps to the Flutter framework without disturbing your current app’s functionality.

  • Flutter Server-Side Development

To enable the real-time connection between your mobile app and the back-end system, we are masters in designing server-side functions and connecting with IoT platforms, databases, and services.

  • Support & Maintenance

After your app is released, we provide extensive support and maintenance services to ensure it functions properly across all platforms and devices. Our software development team corrects bugs, improves application speed, and offers valuable diagnostics to address complicated issues.

How eLuminous is the best Flutter Mobile App Development Agency in India?

eLuminous team has 20+ years of experience developing feature-rich and user-friendly digital solutions as per the client’s budget. There are various reasons to choose us over other Flutter mobile app development agencies in India. Let’s see what those are-

  • Customer-Focused Services

Customer-Focused Services

We value building enduring relationships with our customers. We work directly with you to understand your needs and provide the highest-quality Flutter app that benefits your company.

  • Collaborative & Transparent Process

Collaborative & Transparent Process

To ensure that all of your requirements are met on time, our talented developers collaborate directly with you. Additionally, we update you on the project’s status via daily updates and weekly status meetings.

  • Flexible Hiring Models

Flexible Hiring Models

We provide a variety of engagement models so that you can select the one that best fits your needs and budget. You can hire Flutter app developers hourly, weekly, or monthly or choose our fixed-price model for a total end-to-end solution.

  • Delivery of High-Quality Code

Delivery of High-Quality Code

To produce high-quality code for your Flutter project, our skilled developers use cutting-edge tools and best practices. By doing this, you can be sure that your application will function flawlessly across all hardware and software platforms.

  • 24/7 Professional Support

247 Professional Support

Whatever your question, our team is always here to assist you. We provide 24/7 support so that our clients receive prompt assistance whenever they need it. Our staff is reachable via phone, email, or live chat.

Flutter App Development processes at eLuminous Technologies

We are a top flutter app development company in India that has assisted companies in creating stunning native interfaces on cross-platform. Innovative design and a focus on the user experience are central to our Flutter mobile app development approach.

Flutter App Development processes at eLuminous Technologies

  • Requirement Gathering

Analyzing the project’s requirements is the initial step in developing an app. For greater clarity, proper understanding from both parties, and to get everyone on the same page, the documentation of all the necessary project needs is essential.

  • Prototype

In the next step, we create an interactive & unique UI design that describes the user-friendly flow of the application. After finalizing and designs approval, we freeze the scope and help our client with a demo or prototype to have a look and feel of the app and to give them some idea of how the app will look and function.

  • Development

We update the prototype with the necessary adjustments. After customer approval, the dedicated Flutter developers write the codes, begin the development process using the agile methodology, and complete the development within the time limit that our technical team promised.

  •  Deployment

We are with you in each phase of app development. Similarly, we assist our clients with final testing, user acceptance testing (UAT), training, final deployment of the source code, and platform launch.

  • Support & Maintenance

Even though the app is available on the market, we are still accessible to help you. Following the conditions of our agreement, we give free service and support. In addition, we provide packages that are either monthly or yearly, depending on your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why go for Flutter Mobile Application Development?

Using Flutter, you can reduce development cost and creates stunning user interfaces. Other than that, one of the major benefits of Flutter is lower maintenance expenses making it the right choice for your Custom mobile app development.

  • What types of mobile apps can we create using Flutter?

Building apps for platforms like Android, iOS, and many others are possible with Flutter. Flutter is appropriate for various industries, including travel, ERP, booking apps, food delivery, eCommerce apps, video/audio streaming, etc.

  • Flutter vs React Native: Which is best in 2024?

Flutter is undoubtedly the first choice if you are looking for cost-effective development in less time. Read our detailed guide on React Native vs Flutter for more clarity

  • How much would developing a mobile app with Flutter cost?

Depending on the number of features needed, and the project’s complexity, the cost to develop an app also differs. After examining your project needs, we’ll provide you with a thorough pricing estimate.

  • How much time eLuminous team will take to complete my application?

Generally, it will take 2 to 3 weeks to develop a simple app with basic functionality. The development time varies with the increase in the features, functionality, and complexity. Book your free consultation today!

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