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Custom Web Application Development Company
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Web Application Development Services

Build future-ready web applications that resonate with your brand’s identity. Partner with eLuminous, a top Clutch-rated IT company offering the finest custom website app development services.

Our Competency Custom Web
Application Development Services

We are committed to providing cutting-edge solutions for all your business requirements with our custom web application development services. Now, hire vetted industry experts that work on your web development projects with utmost professionalism.

Custom Web Application Development

Custom Web Application Development

Custom web app development is the key that makes us stand out from the crowd. Our dedicated software development team is well-versed in offering custom web app solutions for 22+ industry verticals like finance, healthcare, logistics, entertainment & more.

UI/UX Design


Hire dedicated developers from our web development company, which has the Best UI Award Winners to build intuitive web applications for your diverse business needs. Get an end-to-end solution to develop scalable, robust & visionary custom web application development from eLuminous's geeks.

API Development & Integration

API Development &

Our dedicated software development team will help you to unlock the potential of API integrations with secured custom web application development. Weare having extensive experience in custom API implementations, integrations, testing & more.

Frontend Development


Our front-end developers use modern web technologies like React, Angular, Vue.js to create highly interactive and dynamic web solutions. We ensure that the user interface (UI) of your web solution or mobile apps is intuitive, user-friendly, and aesthetically pleasing.

Backend Development


Our backend developers use various programming languages like Java, Python, Node.js, PHP to develop robust & scalable backend solutions. We implement security measures such as encryption, authentication, and authorization to protect your data. Boost your company's online presence with such top-notch development services.

Mobile Web Apps

Mobile Web

Our mobile web app developers support business processes by using the latest web technologies like Progressive Web Apps (PWA) and Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) to create fast and responsive mobile web solutions.

Legacy App Modernization

Legacy App

We conduct a thorough analysis of your existing web development project to identify areas for improvement. Our developers use trending web technologies & frameworks like React, Angular, & others to modernize your web application and improve its functionality and performance.

Web Portal Development

Web Portal

Improve your user feedback, customer loyalty & retention with feature-rich, scalable web portal development service by us. We are specialized in building enterprise web portals like B2B, B2C, corporate, CRM, shopping, job, matrimony & more.

Custom Ecommerce Development

Custom Ecommerce Development

Get your online stores live in just 90 days. Yes! You read it right. We have a proven track record of making huge eCommerce applications that shine in the online marketplace. Our team creates a project roadmap and focuses on custom web development to enhance your brand identity.

Full Stack Solutions at Our Custom
Web App Development Company

Build futuristic custom web app software with perfect combination of technologies to meet your business goals

Digital Ocean
Looking to build the Web Application for Your Business?

Looking to build the Web Application for Your Business?

Applications We Create at Our Custom
Web App Development Company

Experience the power of customized web development and accelerate your business growth with
our team of experts

  • Custom Web Apps Our development team creates custom web applications using the latest technologies that address the unique requirements of your business. We ensure the delivery of exclusive functionality to streamline your workflows and drive growth
  • Websites We offer custom website development services to increase your online presence, improve customer experience, and develop visually appealing digital assets and complex websites.
  • Web Portals Our web portals are designed for partners, patients, or employees, and offer secure and efficient management of various business processes or data sharing with multiple user roles support.
  • Cloud-Based Web Apps We leverage cloud computing environments to build highly scalable web applications that provide enhanced capabilities. Be it cloud migration or utilizing remote servers, our expert team is proficient in covering all crucial technical facets.
  • Enterprise Systems We provide a range of software solutions to enterprises that foster specific business processes, such as insurance claims management or inventory operations.
  • PWA Our Progressive Web App development offers a great alternative to native apps, allowing for building software that operates on multiple devices even with poor internet connection.
  • eCommerce Platforms Our eCommerce web development services drive your sales growth by delivering B2B and B2C platforms that support various payment methods, live chats, and product navigation.
  • ERP Systems We provide custom ERP solutions to track business resources, cash, raw materials, or production capacity, and workflow statuses. Our ERP system functions seamlessly with other enterprise apps.
  • CRM Software Our CRM platform is a perfect tool to automate communication processes and enhance customer experience, boosting your sales, marketing, and service operations.

Web Application Development Process

Experience the power of customized web development with our team of experts delivering high quality solutions. Our experts follow a streamlined methodology to offer dependable web app development services

  • 1. Discovery & Planning
    • Business Analysts examine business requirements and processes
    • Preferences and needs are taken into account
    • Project is implemented step-by-step on time and within budget
  • 2. Architecture Prototyping
    • Software engineers develop a prototype
    • Vital use cases and user stories are incorporated
    • Framework is provided to guide further development
  • 3. UI/UX Design
    • Wireframes are created to show how the app will look and feel
    • Best design strategy is implemented for a great user experience
    • Compatible with both mobile and desktop devices
  • 4. Frontend & Backend Development
    • Best practices and tech tools are applied
    • Database, frontend, and backend functionality are pieced together
    • Top-notch web app is delivered to cater to business needs
Web Application Development Process
  • 8. Support & Maintenance
    • Post-implementation maintenance & support services provided
    • Professional team providing ongoing support for businesses
    • Bugs are fixed and regular updates are delivered when needed
  • 7. Web App Deployment
    • Software is ensured to run smoothly and bug free
    • Deployed and moved to the production environment
    • Goes live for end-users to benefit from its functionality
  • 6. Application Testing
    • QA Specialists implement full-cycle testing
    • Ensure the efficient performance, handling of peak loads, and desired functionality
    • Highly secure application along with reliable quality assurance

Foundations of Custom Web
Application Development

From an intuitive user interface to enhanced security and high performance, these critical factors will help you create a successful web application that delivers results

Intuitive UI/UX Design

Intuitive UI/UX Design

Make your web app user-friendly and easy to navigate

Scalable Architecture

Scalable Architecture

Ensure your app can grow and evolve with your business

Custom Functionality

Custom Functionality

Tailor your app to the unique needs of your business

Seamless Integration

Seamless Integration

Integrate your app seamlessly with other systems and platforms

Enhanced Security

Enhanced Security

Protect your business and customers from cyber threats and data breaches

High Performance

High Performance

Deliver an exceptional user experience that keeps customers coming back for more

Essential Elements of Web Security

Our dedicated team takes care of all security concerns in order to implement innovative product ideas and make your app go live in minimum development time

Customer Security

Customer Security

Ensuring the security of customer information is crucial for any business. A personalized approach, including NDA and SLA guarantees, can help build customer trust and prevent data breaches. Implementing intellectual property policies can also protect against data theft and other malicious activities.

Data Security

Data Security

Protecting data from unauthorized access is essential to avoid legal and financial consequences. Businesses must adhere to regulatory compliance, encrypt data at rest and in transit, and follow security standards and protocols to maintain data security. By doing so, they can safeguard sensitive information and prevent data breaches.

App Security

App Security

Mobile and web applications are highly susceptible to cyber attacks, making it crucial for businesses to implement strong security measures. Automated testing can help identify vulnerabilities, while threat modelling can assist in developing mitigation strategies. Attack-blocking measures, such as firewalls and intrusion detection systems, can help prevent successful attacks and ensure app security.


90% of clients have rated us 4.5+ on Schedule and Quality

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Frequently Asked Questions

Custom web applications are those that are created for a specific users or businesses. A dedicated web app development team can create software that meet the requirements of the target audience. Custom web apps offer features that can add convenience of employees, customers, or third-party vendors of a company.

For efficient custom web development, you can use Angular, Node, React, or Laravel. Building custom web apps on WordPress and Weebly platforms is a popular choice amongst the top web application development services.

On average, you can require USD 20,000 onwards to create custom web apps. Availing yourself of such customized solutions at reasonable costs is subjective. Various factors like end goal of the web design, business growth mission, features, use of new technologies, and access to skilled developers impact the cost to build web applications.

With an experience of more than 20 years in the software domain, eLuminous Technologies have built a reliable team of professionals offering top-notch web app development services. Our models include outsourcing, offshore development, and team augmentation. So, you can rely on our expertise and select a custom web app development service as per requirement.

Yes. eLuminous is a web app development company that believes in forming long-term and fruitful professional relationships. We want to give your business a competitive edge in the market by covering all crucial facets like data safety. So, before starting web development projects, we can discuss and create an NDA as per mutual consent.

Yes. Our experienced web developers can make modifications to the app as discussed in the documentation. However, we want to reiterate the importance of the contract to understand the costs associated with revisions and changes.

The time taken to develop apps depend on the complexity of your project requirements. In addition, the use and requirement of latest technologies impact the development duration. Connect with us to begin your web development journey and work closely with a dedicated and communicative technical team.

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Need to Estimate Your Next Web Project?

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