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Hire Dedicated Developers
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"They were clear in what they needed to do at each stage, and even gave suggestions on how to improve the app."

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Hire Top Certified, Skilled & Vetted Developers

Dedicated Developers Trained to Deliver Customized & Budget-Friendly Digital Solutions

  • Hire Top 1% of Developers
  • 3 days Free Trial – No Cost
  • Hire Developers with 3+ years of Experience
  • Flexible Contract Models & Pricing Range
Hire Dedicated Developers
Hire Dedicated Developers Who Are

Hire Dedicated Developers Who Are

Certified Developers - PMP, Agile, Laravel, Android


Full Control Over

Daily/Weekly/Monthly Code Delivery

Scale Up Your Team as You Need

We offer highly flexible and customized team augmentation services as per your business requirements and preferred time zone

Build Team
from Scratch

Build your own team with distinct skillsets to transform your business idea into product from scratch.

Easy Ramp Up and
Ramp Down of Your Team

Hire dedicated development team to quickly scale up the team and easily ramp down once your work gets done.


Having some issues with your current vendor? We are here to help your sinking midway project transition with Agile Transfomation.

Comparative Analysis

Parameter eLuminous Freelance Developers In-house Developers
Time to get right developers 1 day - 2 weeks 4 - 12 weeks 1 - 12 weeks
Time to start a project 1 day - 2 weeks 1 - 12 weeks 2 - 10 weeks
Acquisition cost 0 0 $9,000 - $25,000
Recurring cost of training & benefits 0 0 $5,000 - $10,000
Pricing (weekly Average) 1.5x 1x 4x
Time to scale size of team 1 day - 2 weeks 1 - 12 weeks 4 - 16 weeks
Project failure risk Extremely Low
We have 97% Success Ratio
Very High Low
Termination costs NONE None High
Developers backed by a delivery team YES No Some
Dedicated resources YES No Yes
Agile Development methodology YES No Some
Quality assuarance YES Some No
Impact due to turnover NONE High High
Structured training programs YES No Some
Communications Seamless Uncertain Seamless
Assured work rigor 40 hrs/week Uncertain 40 hrs/week
Tools and professional environment Best-in-Class No Varies
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Hire Dedicated Developers with
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90% of clients have rated us 4.5+ on Schedule and Quality

Engagement Models

Software outsourcing has never been so easy! We can help you to hire a dedicated development team including Developers, Testers, Business Analysts, and Technology Architects as per your need and preferred time zone.

Hire developers

All about

Your Manual for Hiring Developers

Acquiring the services of proficient developers who specialize in creating stunning custom software, mobile applications, and web development products can prove to be an arduous task, particularly if you aim to find experts who can operate remotely.

How and from where to hire the Dedicated Software Development Team? Ultimate Guide to Hire and Manage Dedicated Developers How to setup a Dedicated Offshore Development Center in India? How to Hire Dedicated Developers – The Ultimate Guide 2023 Top Rated Clutch Dedicated Developers in 2023

Top 5% Talent Vetting Process We Follow



Check Culture-Fit,
Self-learning Ability

  • Confidence
  • Optimism
  • Sincerity


Spoken and Written English
to understand Suitability

  • Active listening
  • Writing skills
  • Responsiveness

Deep Technical

We use 3rd party customized
tests for evaluation

  • Multiple Choice questions
  • Syntax completion Coding
  • Tests, Code scenarios

Get Developers
Certified With CIP

i.e. Continuous Improvement Plan Agile, Laravel, PMP

About eLuminous

  • Key Highlights
  • 20+ Years of experience
  • 600+ Happy Client
  • 130+ IT Professionals
  • 75% Client Retention Rate
  • Recognitions
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  • ITFirms-Top-App-Developers-USA
  • GoodFirms Badge
  • Our Esteemed Clients
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Hire Top 5% Talent with this Process

Our quick 4 steps process to get you best option for Hiring Dedicated Developers

Share your
We shortlist the most
suitable talent
Select the right fit for
your business
Remote Onboarding &

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When you hire dedicated developers, what you get is comprehensive expertise in one place with reputation and maximum commitment. In the case of freelancing, there is a little bit of insecurity about above-mentioned points. With hire dedicated development model you can easily ramp-up and ramp down the team as per your project requirement.

If you want to hire dedicated developers full-time, then it will cost you in between $2400 to $4000 per month which is subjective to the skillset and experience of the candidate.

Companies with non-technical executives and have some limitations while managing and leading software development projects can hire dedicated developers to get their work done in systematic approach.

  • Save money and time
  • Improve productivity
  • IP security and ownership
  • Direct communication
  • Flexible hiring
  • Multiple skillsets

Don't worry. We have a pool of 130+ developers and we always take care of mandatory provisions for smooth project execution within committed time period.

Be assured. It will never happen as we choose our resources carefully. Still, if you are unhappy we shall be sharing an escalation process. You can share your concern with our Account manager and Delivery managers. We shall replace the resource as soon as possible. Generally, when we onboard a new resource, our Seniors pay close attention and ensure you a timely and quality outcome. According to the business scenario or any reason all parties have the right to give 30 days' notice and opt for adding/removing the resources.

We provide time overlapping between clients' timezone (GMT/CST/PST/EST) and eLuminous teams. Time overlapping will allow smooth communication between stakeholders and assured quality work and on-time delivery.

To onboard the right team, follow specific steps. Read our blog, which is a comprehensive guide on how and from where to hire dedicated development team.

Hire Developers

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