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Transforming Businesses Digitally: How We Cater to Every Industry

From e-commerce to healthcare, manufacturing to real estate, team ET serves all domains. Our vetted professionals create bespoke solutions that solve problems worldwide. 

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Transforming Businesses Digitally


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At eLuminous, we have a team of programmers, designers, testers, and experts who not only understand but also cater to the distinct requirements of different sectors. Based on efficient brainstorming and detailed analysis, we ideate, plan, and implement tailored solutions for different businesses.



From development, design, testing, and maintenance, our dedicated developers boost several software businesses. We also have ISTQB-certified QA engineers who leave no stone untouched to deliver bug-free software.

Some of our main offerings for companies in this sector include:

  • Offshore software development
  • Cloud integration and solutions
  • Software testing and QA
  • DevOps automation
  • Agile development
  • Mobile app development
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Our team of experts builds intuitive e-commerce platforms to enhance customer experience and manage valuable inventory. All our solutions have safety and security as their main pillars and include features like VR or product visualization as needed.

Here are some prominent services for companies in this domain:

  • Ecommerce platform development
  • Payment gateway integration
  • Marketing automation
  • Omnichannel integration
  • Real-time analytics
  • Security and compliance audit
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At eLuminous, we have extensive experience assisting healthcare businesses in their digital journeys. Our developers focus on enhanced patient care, robust telemedicine platforms, and innovative operational efficiency improvements. 

Take a look at some of our core offerings: 

  • Telemedicine software development 
  • HIPAA-compliant software
  • Medical device integration
  • Healthcare workflow automation 
  • Data analytics and reporting
  • Patient engagement portals
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The IT sector has always provided strong auxiliary support for core industries. In the same vein, our developers serve manufacturing units on their path to optimizing production, enhancing planning, and making data-driven decisions.

Here are some pivotal offerings for industries in this sector:

  • SCM software development 
  • Industrial automation 
  • QMS software development
  • Sales portal development 
  • Manufacturing execution systems 
  • Predictive maintenance solutions
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Real Estate

Real Estate

Team ET covers all crucial aspects, from managing property listings to developing targeted marketing tools. With successful projects for real estate clients, we offer customized digital support for businesses of any scale.

These are some of our core offerings for real estate firms:

  • CRM and lead management software 
  • 3D visualization tools 
  • Blockchain integration
  • Property management portal 
  • Customized mobile app development 
  • Analytics and insights
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Supply Chain and Logistics 

Supply Chain and Logistics 

Team ET builds software that improves your visibility through assets like WMS and TMS. With our bespoke digital solutions, you can experience enhanced efficiency, improved customer experience, and a boost in delivery times.

Here are offerings that make us a preferred choice for several businesses:

  • Logistics automation support 
  • Blockchain for enhanced security 
  • Custom management system development
  • Demand forecasting solutions 
  • Web portal development 
  • Software for last-mile delivery operations
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We are tech partners for education institutes and EdTech firms worldwide. From developing education portals to building simple online assessment tools, our developers handle various activities for our valuable clients.

Here’s how we can bolster your education sector needs:

  • Custom portal development 
  • Personalized learning tools 
  • Assessment platforms
  • School admin software and app 
  • Collaboration software development 
  • EdTech mobile app development
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Our experienced developers help streamline operations, build custom content management portals, and use technologies like AI and ML for marketing agencies. This way, our clients can launch data-driven campaigns to generate actionable leads.

Here are our primary offerings to businesses in this domain: 

  • CRM software development 
  • Omnichannel marketing solutions 
  • Analytics and reporting tool
  • AdTech integration 
  • Automation platform development 
  • Digital marketing services
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Food and Beverages 

Food and Beverages 

From online ordering to the development of a tailor-made mobile app, we cover a wide range of digital services. Start-ups, mid-scale, and enterprise organizations in this domain trust us to help them enhance customer experience and improve operational efficiency.

Take a look at some of our core services for such businesses:

  • Custom website development 
  • Inventory management solutions 
  • Food delivery and ordering apps
  • E-commerce solutions 
  • Compliance and regulatory software 
  • Tailor-made mobile apps
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Media and Entertainment

Media and Entertainment

We work as reliable tech partners to build solutions that allow businesses to manage engaging content. Our dedicated developers offer specialized services in this domain, from custom content creation tools to CDN integration.

Here are the prime offerings for agencies in the media sector:

  • Audience engagement tools 
  • Content management and delivery systems 
  • Subscription management solutions
  • Website development 
  • Social media integration 
  • Digital marketing solutions
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Explore Our Insightful Case Studies

Are you wondering how our team has helped businesses become active in different sectors? If yes, take a look at these projects and notice our impact!

Streamlined Audit and
Process Management for Manufacturing Industry

The firm intends to automate its internal processes to boost productivity and refine audit and compliance activity.

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Streamlined Audit and Process Management using MS Power Apps

Bugs to Brilliance: Case study for Delegation of Authority Application

Utilization of apt Power Apps features to automate tasks and establish new-age document processing attributes

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Bugs to Brilliance: Case study for Delegation of Authority Application

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