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Business Impact

About Client

Our client is one of the largest public sector firms in South Africa and boasts a workforce of over 10,000 employees. They have an infrastructure of more than 40 offices in the country. The client wanted to streamline internal systems, particularly their Power Apps-based application, to ensure seamless operations across their extensive network of offices.

About Client


The client’s application failed to process approvals in real time. In addition, the platform faced hindrances in generating PDFs and calculating relevant metrics due to erratic system behavior.

Approval Delays: Approval processes from senior or designated authorities were marred by delays, hindering operational efficiency and responsiveness to critical matters

Delegation of Authority Flow: A proper delegation of authority flow was lacking, leading to confusion and inefficiencies in decision-making processes

Travel Allowance Calculation Issues: Faulty calculations in travel allowance caused financial setbacks, necessitating a more accurate and reliable system

PDF Generation Challenges: Generating PDFs with comprehensive authority information proved challenging, impacting the documentation and reporting processes

Coding Issues: Poor coding skills resulted in erratic system behavior, with functions intermittently failing or malfunctioning

Our Solution

After assessing our client's current situation, it was evident that their digital platform required a significant overhaul. So, our team of Power Apps developers planned a strategy to optimize and enhance their existing applications.

Documentation Revitalization:

The initial application needed proper documentation. Our developer meticulously analyzed the existing application, creating a detailed project document with flow diagrams and screenshots. This documentation ensures easy comprehension and reference for anyone interacting with the system

Bug-Free Logic and Scalability:

We implemented a bug-free flow with robust logic, ensuring optimal application performance under varying user loads and usage scenarios. The scalability of the new system contributes to its resilience and adaptability

Centralized Data Table:

To expedite PDF generation and reporting, we established a standard data table from which information is retrieved. This not only enhanced the efficiency of report generation but also reduced the time required for creating comprehensive reports in PDF format

DOA & Travel Allowance Module Integration:

Smooth integration of the Delegation of Authority (DOA) and Travel Allowance modules was achieved, eliminating existing bugs and ensuring a seamless experience for users interacting with these critical functionalities

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