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Business Impact

About Client

The client is a reputed solar energy company based in Texas, USA. It has a simple and noble goal of expanding the reach of non-conventional energy sources by leveraging cutting-edge technology.

The client intended to develop a web portal to augment the site mapping process. In addition, the client was looking to create an automated system for proposal creation and drafting.

About Client


The client lacked proper digital infrastructure that could simplify and automate the process of site mapping and proposal creation

Existence of Conventional Processes: During solar installation, manual processes like site visits and proposal drafting were mandatory. So, there was no option to skip these steps. However, the client wanted to leverage apt technological solutions to carry these processes at a swift pace.

Dependency on Manual Activities: Several tasks required the expertise of employees and relevant personnel. This human dependency was one of the main reasons for limited business scaling

Long Customer Acquisition Time: The time to generate leads and acquire new customers was more than the competitors having a digital solution to simplify the entire cycle

Our Solution

After analyzing all the existing challenges, it was clear that the client needed a customized web portal. Our team decided to use the combination of Vue.js and Turf.js to benefit from a simple framework and capitalize on the newest algorithms. Here are some of the other facets of our project:

Portal Development

Our full-stack developers built a web portal application using Vue.js, Turf.js, and Mapbox. We successfully handled core objectives, i.e., site images and web designing

Fully robust automated UI/UX

The automated design and portal features could carry out the estimation process for easy solar installation guidance

Intuitive and Personalized Dashboard

The portal consisted of real-time data analysis for providing quick responses, ensuring easy follow-ups using a tailor-made user dashboard 

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