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How different Business Intelligence Tools are evolving and adding a value to the businesses?

How different Business Intelligence Tools are evolving and adding a value to the businesses?

Business data is no longer just a file to be saved and overlooked. It has become an essential part of every modern business. With the enhancements in the processes and the incorporation of Business intelligence tools, businesses are now becoming more conscious about their data from multiple office locations as they realize how critical it is to their business growth. Most of the big players in retail and manufacturing sectors are now emphasizing on adding a section in their organization which will completely focus on the overall analytics and structuring of the available data of the entire organization.

Business Intelligence has evolved spectacularly over the years. Earlier the analytics and data processing were a static process and no advancements in the output were expected. But now, the situation is entirely different. Business intelligence has become more of an insightful tool that offers a unique, multi-purpose dashboard that delivers the most relevant information that you need for accurate decision-making at any time, and anywhere. According to Gartner, “IoT is regarded as a future trend in technology, and by 2018, six billion connected things will be requesting data support and analytics. This requires tools that are future-proofed to handle the mass and types of data that Gartner is forecasting.” Companies offering Business Intelligence tools are paving their blocks for this future opportunity by adding astounding features with each of their version upgrades. Let’s find out what advancements in the features do we have in the top Business intelligence tools:

Pentaho: The new version of Pentaho, i.e., Pentaho 6.1 has a lot more to offer to its user this time. The community has worked more to enhance its features to enable the BI developers to deliver maximum output and an improved documentation to the business heads. The community also confirms a standardization and expansion of metadata injection enabled transformations. It has also put an emphasis on agility and automation with an advanced flexibility in data services, deeper inline modeling, and tweaks in the foundational enterprise platform.

Tableau: Tableau has emerged as a powerful data visualization tool as compared to the existing BI tools for most of the large enterprises. Tableau 9 has come up with some interesting features for their users which consists of Visual analytics, a much faster speed, data preparation functionality, a nice story telling layout which consists of larger captions and soothing background colors and an enterprise facility which involves cloud technology and smartphone availability.

MS Power BI: We all know how many companies must be thankful to Microsoft for this awesome product that they launched a couple of years back. The new additions to this features include the advanced reports view, the row-level security access, newly added data connectors, enhanced DB connectors, New Data Transformations etc. This is adding up more values to the Microsoft Power BI users and their businesses.

Qlikview: Qlikview 12 is a seamless upgrade from 11.x versions — making the customer experience simple and intuitive. The new version also supports the second generation QIX engine, the same engine that powers Qlik Sense and the Qlik Analytics Platform. There have also been many security tweaks in this new version which is now capable of meeting the highest level of security critically required for companies or government, military organizations. They have also made enhancements in mobile touch, clustering, added a new RESTful API connector, Qlik DataMarket etc. in the QlikView Version 12.

There are several additions to the above-mentioned features, connect with our experts to find out how these business intelligence tools can add a crucial value to your business.

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