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Factors Affecting the Cost of Custom Web Development Services

Aspects Influencing Custom Web Development Services Costing
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As a business, you might know that a customized web app can potentially boost your online reputation. The right custom web development services can facilitate you to experience high ROI along with remarkable omnipresence.

Tailor-made web apps boost sales and attract new customers due to alluring UX and apt features. In fact, the impressive global app market CAGR of 8.58% testifies to the growing significance of custom web application development services.

Still, similar to every business decision, such software development requires careful budget allocation.

The cost of web application development services is not universal. Several factors have a substantial impact on the variations in the final quotation.

As a business, you should know such details to plan your resources. So, scroll ahead to understand the main aspects that can influence the price estimate of custom web development services.

Factors That Influence Rates of Custom Web Development Services

Even an experienced custom web app development company cannot offer a standardized quotation for such a service. Why?

Well, several factors are different for distinct organizations. This section contains details on all these facets in depth.

1. Business Model

Business Model

The nature of your business plays a vital role in determining custom web application development services cost.

Here are the main types of business models that require different web apps for offering tailor-made services:

  • Fee-for-service
  • Subscription-based
  • Bundling model
  • Freemium
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Product-as-a-service

Whether desktop or mobile apps, developing software that aligns with your business model is crucial. For instance, some companies need unique UI elements to attract their target audience.

On the other hand, some enterprises can require more integrations to offer the best customer experience. To experience the benefits of custom web development services, it is thus crucial to identify your company’s model.

So, remember that a web application development company can charge differently depending on your services and end intent.

2. Custom Web Application Type

The type of web application impacts the final price of the custom web development services.

Here are the main categories of customized web apps that you should be aware of:

Table: Types of Custom Web Apps


Customized Web App End Utility
E-commerce apps Handling sales, returns, shipping, and other e-commerce applications
Portals Offer user-centric information in an easily accessible manner
Content Management Systems Uploading relevant and company-centric content
Animated Web Apps Creative elements and interaction with the end user


As you can observe, different categories of web apps require unique elements. So, the complexity of the development process differs considerably.

An excellent example to explain this aspect is the comparison between one-page applications and progressive web apps. The former customized app type is less expensive and helps reduce load time.

On the contrary, the latter has multiple functionalities. So, the custom web development services costing increases appropriately.

3. Size of App Development Team

Size of App Development Team

Custom web application development is a thoughtful process that requires a dedicated team to perform all the crucial steps. One of the most essential factors you must understand is the choice of team size.

However, before determining the team size, ensure that you know the available options:

  • Freelance developers: They are individual professionals that can prove less expensive initially
  • In-house team: This is an expensive choice and requires you to choose skilled professionals for internal custom web development services
  • External app development organization: This alternative is reasonable as it can rely on the vendor’s experience and services like IT staff augmentation

Moreover, the team size to complete your project depends on your app’s desired timeline and scale. So, choosing a reliable custom web app development company is vital to getting the best quote.

4. User Interface Design Complexity

User Interface Design Complexity

Here are some of the standard user interface (UI) design elements in custom web apps:

  • Checkbox
  • Dropdown list
  • Toggles
  • Accordion
  • Message box
  • Search field
  • Icons

Once you choose a suitable web application development company, the experts employ a dedicated team to handle the UI requirements. A group of developers and designers combine to enhance the look and features of your user interface.

So, if your app has complex requirements, the cost of custom web application development services increases.

In addition, if the customized application needs 3D elements, the overall budget will rise drastically.

5. Update and Maintenance

Update and Maintenance

Updates are integral to comprehensive custom web development services. Regular maintenance activities ensure stability and bug removal consistently.

Furthermore, developers use the opportunity to add new features and functionalities by leveraging updates. This process improves user experience, which is vital to retaining your customer base.

However, both processes add cost to the web application development services.

So, ensure that you discuss the frequency and requirement of periodic updates before finalizing the deal. Remember, monitoring and application maintenance is a long-term process.

6. Location of Custom Web App Developer

Location of Custom Web App Developer

The location of a web application development company plays a vital role in determining your project’s budget.

Generally, offshore software developers are less expensive alternatives. Also, you can explore companies in developing countries for reasonably priced services.

Here are the main reasons for considering this aspect:

  • Developing countries have a vast talent pool
  • The currency exchange rate makes the deal economically profitable for companies in developed countries

So, you can get the best deal by exploring custom web application companies in countries like India.

For instance, eLuminous Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a well-known IT company with dedicated developers. So, you can avail yourself of top-notch custom web development services at such organizations.

7. Security and Hosting

Security and Hosting

Cybersecurity is of crucial importance in today’s digital age. Safeguarding critical user data and confidential transactions is essential to improve your brand’s reputation.

For this purpose, developers implement the following practices in custom web development services:

  • Full-scale security audit
  • Web application firewall
  • Application security management
  • Data encryption
  • Runtime application self-protection

It is vital to use numerous technologies to install all or most of these security measures. In addition, it is critical to choose dedicated servers for properly hosting the customized web application.

All these aspects increase the cost of successful custom web application development services.

8. Custom Web Application Platform

Custom Web Application Platform

There are two basic types of custom web app platforms that you can explore:

  • Native: These apps run on a specific device system. Android Studio and React Native are popular frameworks for developing these web apps
  • Hybrid: They have a native app shell with features of two application types. Facebook and WhatsApp are apt examples of these custom apps

With over 5.2 billion global smartphone users, choosing a web application platform that suits the compatibility factor is crucial.

A reliable web application development company can suggest the best platform for your business requirement. So, your budget will change according to this parameter. However, the choice of platform can offer high ROI in the long run.

9. Time Required for Development

Time Required for Development

The best custom web development services aim for high transparency. You receive a precise project initiation, stages, and delivery timeline from reputed developers.

However, complex projects require more time for successful execution. So, you should know how to choose the best custom app development professionals to decide the optimum time.

Here are other aspects that have an impact on the cost of such services:

  • Use of the technology stack
  • New concept or idea
  • UI elements and features
  • Third-party integrations
  • Security feature installations

Overall, the final price of custom web application development services will increase in case of prolonged project duration.

10. Certification and Licensing

Certification and Licensing

Finally, you should be aware of the mandatory licensing aspect for custom web apps. Before launching any web app, proper certifications regarding user data and application security are vital.

So, authentic custom web development services include this crucial facet in their overall package.

The example of HubSpot’s certification process is suitable for understanding this factor.

Notably, the team at HubSpot reviews customized web applications according to the following pointers:

  • Accessibility
  • Usability
  • Security
  • Reliability
  • Performance
  • Privacy
  • Value

Moreover, certification and licensing requirements will change according to the platform that hosts your application. You might need to fulfill local or national certification requirements in other cases.

So, choose a genuine custom web app development company to cover all these mandatory aspects. The cost of the service includes this parameter without fail. However, the nature of your application can influence the need for stringent licensing.

Actionable Tips to Reduce Custom Web Development Services Cost

The factors mentioned in the previous section significantly impact the cost of web application development services. Still, with adequate knowledge and consideration, you can reduce the expenses by tweaking some aspects.

Actionable Tips to Reduce Custom Web Development Services Cost

This section explains seven suggestions that can help control custom web development services cost.

  • Focus on UI Simplicity

This tip is a no-brainer for reducing the custom web application development cost. If you do not need software with heavy animations, keeping the elements as simple as possible is wise.

Aim for elegant designs and minimal animations. Users prefer such simple navigation with minimum clutter.

Developers and UI designers will require less time and effort to develop a simple web application. As a result, the overall cost of your project will be reduced considerably.

  • Outsource Development Service

To notice the benefits of custom web application development at lower costs, you can aim to outsource the project.

Developing countries like India, Mexico, and Ukraine offer custom web development services at reasonably low rates. This advantage exists due to a vast pool of talent, currency exchange rates, and technological expertise.

In addition, some companies in these countries offer flexible pricing models. Consequently, you receive good development services at competitive rates.

  • Do Not Add Unwanted Features

As a business, utilizing the vast array of technologies in your customized web application can be tempting. However, the number of features is directly proportional to the service cost.

A practical decision will be to identify the following two parameters:

  • Your business needs
  • The buyers’ persona

Developing a simple web application in the initial phase is an excellent idea. Gradually, dedicated developers will help scale your custom app as per requirement.

So, choose a custom web app development company that can enlighten you on the aspect of features.

  • Choose Appropriate Technology Stack

As a business, you have the following primary options related to the technology stack:

  • Create custom software for one app store
  • Develop two applications with a single code

The initial decision of technology stack utility can reduce your development costs considerably. For instance, if you want to achieve omnipresence, ordering a hybrid app under the custom web application development services is better.

On the other hand, if you intend to focus on a specific platform, opt for a native application. Awareness of the difference between native and hybrid web apps is crucial in reducing the cost of custom web development services.

  • Choose a Reliable Custom Web App Developer

Selecting an experienced custom web application developer is crucial to saving unnecessary expenses. Most reliable companies understand business requirements and charge reasonable quotations.

Such organizations know the market rates and want to offer a well-balanced development estimate. So, choosing a custom web app development company can help you get the best rates.

In addition, it is helpful to maintain accurate documentation for prompt communication. Professional web app developers prefer technical documents to suggest cost savings at different stages.

Pro tip: Look for team augmentation and transparency while choosing a web application development company.

  • Prioritize Testing

Consider testing as a preventive measure to reduce custom web development services costs. Developing a prototype enables the technical team to understand the app’s functionality before launch.

It is possible to find bugs and eliminate them beforehand by consistent testing.

The bottom line is that you can avoid additional components and modifications through timely testing. Consequently, this preventive measure saves your overall cost significantly.

  • Prefer Building an MVP

A minimum viable product (MVP) is a skeleton of your customized web app. It has basic features that can enable end customers to use the application and offer their invaluable feedback.

However, before requesting a custom web app development company to create an MVP, address the following concerns:

  • Is creating an MVP feasible?
  • Will an MVP prove adequate to gain feedback?
  • Does the web application development company have proficient experts?

Furthermore, you should also consider aspects like platform, minimum cost, strategy, and type of minimum viable product.

All these factors can help you save costs before launching a foolproof customized web application.

Concluding Thoughts

As a business, you need custom web application development services to create a reputable online presence. However, it is also crucial to consider the factors that can impact your budget in this process.

Some vital aspects that significantly influence the project’s budget are the business model, development team size, UI complexity, and the developer’s location.

However, you can follow some tips to save invaluable financial resources and avail yourself of top-notch custom web development services.

To save time, you can connect with team eLuminous. We can offer high-quality web application development services at reasonable rates to boost your digital presence.

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