If you see, the market is all talking about how mobile app development is getting popular and how much revenues are these companies earning from their apps segment. It has become necessary for businesses to think about launching their mobile apps, even if they are generating a good amount of income from the web segment. This is typical because the ultimate consumers are going to seek for easy options to access the product/ services and end up going to your competitors if you don’t operate through the channel he is mostly active on. Now, let’s see how a mobile app can help you generate more leads and keep your sales team out of trouble:

24×7 accessibility to customers: A website is available to access round the clock, however, the time was taken to obtain a particular product’s information is extra on laptop/ desktop or a mobile browser as compared to a mobile app. A mobile app is easy-to-use and gives you required details in just a single click. Thus, assuring 24×7 accessibility to people around the world according to their time zones.

Effective in lead generation: At present, I don’t think there is any other tool for leads generation which is as effective as the company’s mobile app. If the prospect is even thinking of downloading the app, be assured that he is your future client or else he wouldn’t have thought of giving your app a try. Nurturing these leads in a proper way might also help you meet your biggest clients from the industry. This point, however, is entirely dependent on the industry that you serve and the products that you sell.

Easy reports generation: Reporting and analysis are one of the most important functions of the Sales team. It is something that is required for maintaining and analysing the past, present and the future sales performance of that business. While developing mobile apps, you may opt-in for a report generating functionality which can help you export data on the daily, weekly and monthly basis. This data might prove extremely helpful to study the customer behavior and make changes in strategy accordingly.

Broad scope: A mobile app is indeed available for everyone to download once it is put up on Play store or iTunes. Business who has a mobile app can never stay limited a particular area in general. The customers can be anybody who downloads the app and uses it. So there’s a broad scope to acquire the market with mobile apps as compared to a website.

Provides Stats that helps in Decision-making: Once the reports are extracted, one can analyze the stats and can make a use of those in effective decision-making. These stats can be for e.g., who is using the app more, what country are most of the users from, what type of customers are they, what is their average age, etc. These stats can help the sales team in moving towards a definite direction.

Amend sales strategies dynamically: A mobile app allows you to amend the sales strategies on a regular basis as per the consumer behavior. Traditionally, the sales teams stick to one plan for the entire quarter. But when you have access to the data which allows you to change your plan as per the demand, you can surely expect a notable return in the form of your sales numbers.

These reasons are enough to identify how mobile apps development for your business is going to help your sales team stay out of trouble.

POSTED IN: February 18, 2016 Shweta Joshi