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How Mobile based Business Intelligence Solutions are changing the decision-making experience for the users?

How Mobile based Business Intelligence Solutions are changing the decision-making experience for the users?

We are all experiencing how mobile is slowly taking control of our personal and professional lives. It has made quite an impact on companies offering Business Intelligence solutions too. Usually, anyone operating the BI tools needs to be functional in a corporate set-up or atleast needs to use the laptop to check the required information. But the industry experts thought that if the mobile has the capability of getting things done in a few touches, why should we bound people to sit at their workstation for making important decisions through BI? Since then, the majority of players in BI are introducing the mobile versions which untangle people from their desks and saves their time.

The introduction of Mobile Business Intelligence Solutions has indeed brought a revolution in the way people work and the way they make decisions. Now, you don’t need to sit for long hours in your office or maybe use your laptop table in your rooms if you need a critical information at odd hours from your day. Mobile BI lets you filter, sort, manage and make an important decision even if you are shopping at the mall or waiting at the airport to catch your next flight. Neither of the industry continues without adding innovation in their product, and so is the opinion from the owners of the large enterprises who thinks that mobile BI is the most amazing and convenient way for them to make critical business decisions until the date.

The Mobile BI facilitates an access to a right set of information to the decision-makers at the right time on their smartphones and tablets. It simply does its job in a few click. Let’s find out what some of the most used Mobile BI tools has to offer its users:

Tableau Mobile: If you know tableau, you would know how they are emerging as a favorite BI tool creating the fastest and the most delightful customer experience on their smartphones and tabs. It is available on both Android as well as iOS and allows the users to select, filter, and scroll down the information very conveniently. Just like its web version, the mobile version too lets the users ask completely new questions or suggest different views of available data. This helps the users save a lot of time and operate at non-corporate set-ups too.

QlikView on Mobile: QlikView has a different approach for its smartphone users. Unlike Tableau, it is built with HTML 5 browser technology which makes sure it can be operated from any device at any point of time. There is no specific need to install the app on your smartphone or tablets, it gets you the access from your mobile browser directly. By logging in through your mobile browser, it gets you an access to your complete business set-up which includes interactive analysis, visual reports, and associative search. It lets you access all the relevant data and use all the functionalities that are available in the desktop version without bounding you to use only certain features for a mobile version.

MicroStrategy Mobile: MicroStrategy also offers native apps so that you can operate the tool anytime, anywhere and extract critical information on the go. Like the other tools offering Mobile Business Intelligence solutions, MicroStrategy too offers features like one-touch optimization of reports, visuals of the organizational functions, interactive dashboards etc. It also offers a few inbuilt utility apps so the users don’t need to use other devices to use those or maybe close the app in order to use them on the same device.

Pentaho for iPad: Pentaho has a treat for all those who like to manage their important tasks through an iPad. It offers the complete analytics, reporting, visualizations, exclusive dashboards for desktop, laptop, and iPad users. It also personalizes the user experience by allowing the users to change the way the dashboards, the reporting appears on the iPad.

With this move, it has indeed become much more convenient for the business owners and the decision makers of the organizations to find out critical information or make important decisions about their businesses on the go. If you need a BI consultant who can drive you throughout these platforms and their importance for your business, get in touch with team eLuminous who can answer all your queries easily and at your convenient hours.

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