Selecting the robust technology and development team is a big issue in the arena of the web designing & development. It is very typical for the business owners to make their business popular in the global market.

Drupal CMS is capable of providing very dynamic, scalable. User-friendly and professional site. Millions of the websites are powered by Drupal (for e.g. The Economist, N A S A, U.S Dept. of Transportation, Government of France, Warner Bros. Records, Warner Music, South African Government, McDonalds’s Australia, Lady Gaga, Webster Bank, The Emmy, Bloodshot Record, Telemundo, Syfy, Rutgers, Whole Foods etc.) PSD to Drupal conversion is one of the popular processes that can make your business renowned globally.

Here are some productive benefits of PSD to Drupal conversion
  • Multi-browser accessibility:

As you are aware that different web browsers are used by different users across the globe, therefore it is indispensable to ensure your website look same across the globe therefore, it is indispensable to ensure your website to look same across all the browsers. PSD to Drupal conversion ensures that your website is compatible with all the major browsers including IE, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Safari. This ensures a pleasant customer experience and lower bounce rate, which in turn provides higher lead generation on your site.

  • Numerous extensions:  

Drupal has a high range of extensions that are highly effective as well as user-friendly. Extensions are referred as a code that extends the functionality of Drupal CMS and caters customization according to needs of the business.

  • Error-free coding:

A clear front-end and back-end coding is a very important part of a well-built site and it goes a long way to enhance the overall performance of the website. PSD to Drupal conversion ensures semantic coding which means that the programming code was written is error-free and describe the content rather than aesthetics. The semantic code has many benefits including easier by search engine crawlers, shortcode facilitates faster download and ensures easy site maintenance.

  • Improved Online Visibility:

In today’s era of extreme competition, marketing a website is important as well as a difficult task. It is a well-known fact that only what’s visible is what sells and hence, everyone realizes the importance of high search engine rankings. As effective PSD to Drupal driven websites are high on SEO- friendliness and thus assists you in overall marketing efforts.

  • More secure:

Drupal CMS is widely known for its advanced security levels. Hence, PSD to Drupal conversion makes your website more secure.

  • Dynamic web pages: 

PSD to Drupal conversion helps in building dynamic web pages for your Drupal site. It is the only source of your online business’s success that totally depends on the quality and dynamic nature of the website.

Some crucial tips regarding converting PSD files into Drupal Theme

  • Perform slicing with proper care and precisely
  • Use semantic and clean coding structure to ensure bug-free code
  • Be stick to the W3C standards
  • Use the latest methods and tools for perfect & easy integration

The PSD to Drupal conversion is a banal process. This is the reason why a business needs to rely on an experienced team or firm for an efficient conversion. And it is well-understood that the performance of a website will depend a lot on this conversion.

POSTED IN: November 7, 2017 Roshan Koshy